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Collecteral was an exhibition which was presenting a selection of print collaterals collected from all over the world which was contributed by local designers and hosted by the Design Union Malaysia organisation. Out of curiosity, my classmates and I took a trip to the venues at Jalan Hang Kasturi, KL to learn what we could…

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Before I had you, I never thought I could love so deeply that I would actually forgo my needs for yours. With just a pat on your mom’s head, you found a home. Had I known your momma was carrying you, I would have probably not been so welcoming. As it turns out, ignorance paid…

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With October over, it marks the end to Halloween’s trick or treating and the many Harley Quinn costume on-line posts. However if you were an artist, October was certainly a treat because it was also celebrated as INKTOBER! “But what is Inktober?” you may ask. Inktober is an online event where artists all around the…

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Write, Paint, Journal

This is an item that’s part of my daily life which I carry with me everywhere. It’s PVC, not leather, it’s not Japan’s premier stationery designer Midori, it’s inexpensive but to me it’s priceless. It’s where my memories are meticulously jotted, painted and written. In it are little joys, excitements, sadness, experiences, thoughts that remain…

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Okay to Be Lost

I think this is one question that every one of us will inevitably ask ourselves during our course of study, which is, “What am I doing here?” Self-doubt is something that we struggle with. While it is common to see many self-doubt viral thread postings on Facebook, we’re often reluctant to talk about it personally….

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