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Write, Paint, Journal

This is an item that’s part of my daily life which I carry with me everywhere. It’s PVC, not leather, it’s not Japan’s premier stationery designer Midori, it’s inexpensive but to me it’s priceless. It’s where my memories are meticulously jotted, painted and written. In it are little joys, excitements, sadness, experiences, thoughts that remain…

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Travel Back in Time

Had my first try shooting in studio for photography final assignment. (ft. Adelle) Trust me, I was exziiiiitedd that I can’t spell excited. Here’s a before & after Mr Johar and Google’s guidance on transforming photos into vintage feels. Editing part is even more fun and satisfying. Ur, +noise, vignette, RGB curve, vibrant… My eyes…

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Malacca Trip

Introducing the housemates Siyu and Xindy. Now I would call them friends. *Heart* During one random weekend, we decided to visit Malacca which is also Siyu’s hometown. Introducing C U. The highlight of the trip would be us renting bicycles and ride around Jonker Street for hoursssss. The triumphant in me cycling across the streets…

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