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With October over, it marks the end to Halloween’s trick or treating and the many Harley Quinn costume on-line posts. However if you were an artist, October was certainly a treat because it was also celebrated as INKTOBER! “But what is Inktober?” you may ask. Inktober is an online event where artists all around the…

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Baby of a Work

The all-nighters, the irregular eating time, the back aching feeling of staring at a monitor, you get my point. Any student in the world should know these feelings, and that’s the feeling of enslaving yourself to produce your lovely creation of an assignment, it’s kinda like your baby in a way. And you’re probably thinking…

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So it’s the semester break right now and that means it’s reflection time! Throughout my first semester, there were 2 assignments that I felt the most proud of, the Swatch Dragons and the Imagine Lego Video. Well, we’ll talk about the old dragons later but first, Lego. Basically, if you never heard of Lego, I’m…

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Clutch Time

Final week, no problem-o, just 7 more days till fiesta time, except for one tinsy little problem… I’M NECK DEEP IN WORK!!! At his point, every minute, heck, every second counts. If I don’t start clutching, my mom is going to strangle me! All of this wouldn’t have happened if I only didn’t underestimate this…

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