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Duo’s drive for success

BUILDING a brand that is recognisable is part of a battle. Creating something that stands the test of time is another task. The skills to sustain an entrepreneurial dream requires in-depth knowledge of the business and an understanding of the mechanics from an insider’s point of view. These were the skills Benedikt Bjarnason, who hails…

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A Step Above the Rest

For over 30 years, IACT College has been about preparing students for the creative industry through their well-known diplomas. In the last decade it broadened the options to studying degree with programmes from the United Kingdom with University of Sunderland. Today they also operate as an agent to assist students transfer their credit to selected…

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Realising ImPossible dreams

This article was published in The Star Newspaper on 9 March 2017 IACT College recently launched the ImPossible Scholarship. Unlike other scholarships, ImPossible Scholarship offers potential high achievers with not only bursary discounts, but also lifestyle allowance and is replete with job prospects. This scholarship is the first of its kind. If you’ve always been…

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Invaluable Creativity

COMPETITION is fierce in the world of business. The landscape is rapidly changing and jobs are evolving faster than ever before, resulting in jobs that were non-existent 10 years ago – such as app developer, big data analysts and social media strategists, just to name a few, which are now crucial in every industry. New…

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Creativity Beyond Classrooms

Fed up with students asking “How do I write my story?” lecturer Natasha MH takes her students through the mysteries of contemporary art to find the words. For any student, even more so a media student, experience is everything. At IACT College, taking the students to the streets or taking the streets into the classroom…

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Nurturing Winning Talents

“A COMPETITIVE spirit is what keeps good designers on their toes,” stated Graphics Design Programme Leader of IACT College Queenie Yaw. She always believed in driving her students to take that one extra step. “Joining competitions builds on the passion within each student, giving them the extra edge whilst pursuing their diploma,” said explained Yaw….

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Creativity in Action

WE live in a time of great media convergence. Every day, we celebrate the rise of a new idea or an innovation. Digital knowledge is no longer an option but a must if we want to stay ahead of the industry. “The younger generation today is full of ideas, they would do whatever it takes…

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Creativity in Business

THE man behind premium brands The Roof, LifeJuice and The New Camp, Roen Cian is another IACT College alumnus making waves in the industry. “All the business I do is driven by passion,” said Cian. “I enjoy seeing people having a good time at a party, and I play a part in making it happen….

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Creative Entrepreneurs

Our business landscape has changed tremendously with the rise of many different start-up businesses. Most of which are initiated by bright, young minds aspiring to bring something new to the table and playing a part in the current market. However, what is the x-factor that drives a start-up to be more successful than the rest?…

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