IACT College - Diploma in Graphic Design


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2.5 Years

Mode of Study

Full Time

Graphic Designers are the commercial artists of the 21st century. At IACT College, students are groomed to be confident professionals knowledgeable and efficient in design software thus enabling them to produce top-notch artwork recognised by the creative industry and community. Students will have the opportunity to work on real-life industry projects and have internship opportunities under some of the country’s leading agencies and highly respected creative directors.

Year 1

• Advertising Design
• Advertising Principles
• Art and Design Fundamentals
• Communication English 102
• Communication English 103
• Creative Thinking
• Digital Illustration
• Digital Imaging 2
• History of Art
• Mass Communication
• Photography and Digital Imaging
• Presentation Skills
• Principles of Drawing
• Typography

Year 2

• 3D Visualisation
• Art Direction
• Digital Video and Audio Production
• Major Project Production
• Packaging Design
• Publication Design
• Web Design
• In-Company Practical Training

Final Semester

• Professional Project Development and Exhibition

• Contextual Studies
• Marketing Management (New Media)
• New Media Design

*Additionally, the MQA requires all students to take Mata Pelajaran Umum (MPU) within the duration of their studies. The MPU subjects are as follows:
• MPU 1: Pengajian Malaysia 2 (for local students) / Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 1 (for international students)
• MPU 2: Bahasa Kebangsaan A2 / Problem Solving and Decision Making
• MPU 3: Study of Religions
• MPU 4: Serving Our Society (S.O.S)

*Advanced Standing to BA (Hons) Advertising and Design

*Note: Modules are subject to change and the list of electives may change to reflect the current industry needs.


This subject teaches students on how to design with typography through the understanding of industry standard principles and best practices.

Photography and Digital Imaging

A basic introduction to students on photography and digital imaging. Covers a range of related topics from display design to basic knowledge on how to use a DSLR. Case studies of famous photographs will be used for discussion purposes.

Publication Design

An exploration of ideas in structuring and presenting text material and imagery will enable students to produce solutions which communicate effectively in a variety of publication design contexts.

Art Direction

This module introduces the key skills required of an advertising creative, working in the role of Art Director, and grounds those skills in the practice of creating advertising, thereby equipping graduate creative with the portfolio necessary for a future in the advertising industry. The course explores a variety of idea generation techniques, through lectures to focus the key concepts, workshops to encourage exploration of these concepts and exercises to develop the habit and practice of creativity.

Packaging Design

Consideration of practical, cosmetic and environmental issues will be combined with awareness of the needs of current technology in packaging manufacturing and a creative and practical exploration of materials and processes.

Professional Portfolio Development and Exhibition

This module deals with the various methods in creating a professional portfolio both for the year end exhibition and seeking for employment. Students are stressed on the various creative presentation methods for each and every module they have gone through in the programme.

Entry Requirements

• Pass SPM/O Level with a minimum of 3 credits
• Pass UEC with a minimum of grade B in 3 subjects
• Other qualifications recognised by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education are considered on a case-by-case basis

English Requirements

• SPM – Grade D
• UEC – C8
• IELTS – Band 4.0

Other Requirements

Applicant must submit a portfolio or sit for an entrance exam if he/she does not take the SPM Art subject.

IACT - Education Pathway

Career Options

• Account Director
• Art Director
• Creative Director
• Desktop Artist
• Digital Illustration
• Graphic Designer
• Production Manager
• Visualiser
• Web Designer

Tan Yong Qian, Jonathan - Year 3 – 2014, Current Student Diploma in Graphic Design

Tan Yong Qian, Jonathan

IACT College Graduate, Diploma in Graphic Design

I am an ordinary student who is going to be extraordinary. IACT College gives me insight on how a real-world advertising agency works based on Project Based Learning. Lecturers here are like my parents who constantly instill passion and encouragement to ensure I have a bright future. I am grateful for everything that I have learnt here.

Abigail Hua - Year 3 – 2014, Current Student - Diploma in Graphic Design

Abigail Hua

IACT College Graduate, Diploma in Graphic Design

My experience at IACT College has further developed my interest in design that started since I was 15. Not only did I get a chance to materialise my creative ideas using nifty design software but I’ve also gained insightful advice from lecturers who have had first-hand experience in the industry. Overall, IACT College has equipped me for what to expect when I venture into the working world.