IACT College - Foundation in Media Studies


January, April and August


13 Months

Mode of Study

Full Time

The Foundation in Media Studies is a 13-month programme that exposes students to the fundamental scope of creative communication, media and design. The broad range of subjects gives students the flexibility to enrol into any of the UK Degrees offered at IACT College. The curriculum is designed to prepare students, who have completed SPM or with equivalent qualifications, with the critical thinking and communication skills needed to succeed in a UK degree.

A Degree is the Goal

With higher entry requirement standards, students completing SPM or with equivalent qualifications will be among an elite group of students that are committed to earning a UK degree. The curriculum is designed specifically to prepare students with the critical thinking and collaborative skills needed to succeed in the programme. This environment will provide students with a smoother transition into their degree than any other course option.

Versatility in Creativity

Designed with a broader range of studies, from media and communication to advertising and design, students are prepared to enter any of the UK degrees offered at IACT College. The range of courses also exposes students to the entire scope of the creative communication industry, empowering them to make an informed decision on which degree they should pursue.

Semester 1

• Computer Skills & Application
• English 1
• Media and Communication
• Presentation Skills
• Research Methods

Semester 2

• Academic Writing
• Advertising
• Creative Thinking Skills
• English 2
• Sociology

Final Semester

• Desktop Publishing
• Introduction to Journalism
• Introduction to Public Relations
• Media Theory and Analysis

*Note: Modules are subject to change to reflect the current industry needs.

Creative Thinking

This course invites students to change their mind-set about being creative by helping them to understand creativity, what it takes to be creative and how to be a creative thinker. Besides developing the students’ creative thinking, it also helps to hone their analytical skills, how to apply their creativity in problem-solving situations and idea generation.

Principles of Journalism

This subject introduces students to the field of journalism. The structure of this course goes through the entire process of news writing, from gathering information, writing, to ethics and publication. Students will also learn how journalism differs significantly from other forms of media in terms of daily processes and practices, regulation, as well as writing techniques.

Introduction to Sociology

As an introduction, it will explore the discipline of sociology, its theories and its research methods. It discusses issues on the relationships between the individual culture and society and how social and cultural instill influence personal experience and group behaviour.

Introduction to PR

This module offers an introduction to the theory and practice of public relations, enabling students to position PR within a business context. The module traces the emergence and development of PR through analysis of case studies and theoretical models. It develops key skills in planning, strategy, team working, news release writing and communication skills across a range of media.

Entry Requirements

• Pass SPM/O Level with a minimum of 5 credits
• Pass UEC with a minimum of grade B in 3 subjects
• Other qualifications recognised by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education are considered on a case-by-case basis

English Requirements

• SPM – grade C
• UEC – B6
• IELTS – Band 5.0

Field of Study Options:

Advertising, Design, Journalism, Mass Communication, Broadcasting, Media and Public Relations.

IACT Education Pathway

Julia Thongs

Julia Thong

IACT College Graduate, Foundation Media Studies and
Year 1, 2014 Current Student of BA (Hons) Mass Communication

As a high school graduate, entering college is daunting. However, the small number of students in a class helped me to understand the subjects better since lecturers can pay more attention to me. The programme offered a variety of subjects that really prepared me for my degree. Lecturers are brilliant too and are industry experts. The Foundation programme really lived up to the tagline of IACT College.



Joanne Thong

IACT College Graduate, Foundation Media Studies and
Year 1, 2014 Current Student of BA (Hons) Mass Communication

My experience in the Foundation programme was eye-opening and when I compared my experience with my friends’ experiences from other colleges, I realised the quality of education provided at IACT College is like none other. Throughout the course of one year, I gained confidence in presentation skills and learnt computer skills, like using Adobe software which I never thought I could master. One thing that really amazed me was how close everybody was; I got to know people from the Admin Staff, Student Services Department to people in the Marketing Team. After graduating from the programme, I had a glimpse of what media studies and the field of Mass Communication is really about. It is filled with endless possibilities. This intrigues me and made me decide to further my studies in communication.