IACT College takes a very unique approach to the classroom. In order to make learning useful, it must be made practical. At IACT, this is done through project-based learning, where students immediately apply the theories they learn in projects with multinational and public-listed companies. This immediate application allows students to understand what it takes to succeed once they graduate.


Here at IACT College, we don’t teach creativity. We inspire creativity. Individuality is a trait we value and we will strive towards providing the perfect platform for you to showcase your talent. Our students have a track record of over 60 top industry awards in the past 3 years.


IACT College ensures that our students have many opportunities to engage with industry leaders and are equipped with training that is relevant with industry best practices. Our team of lecturers comprises of industry experts and highly trained professionals in their respective fields.

• Crafting a marketing campaign for Nescafé
• Writing press releases for the Samsung Galaxy S5 launch
• Designing a promotional skin for the Nissan Almera
• Developing a website for Universal Music’s launch of the newest Madonna album
• Creating a television commercial for Gastby hair products
• Making a film for 3M to address water quality issues in Malaysia

Through all of these experiences, students engage with and are assessed by industry leaders. This level of interaction and feedback is irreplaceable. The level of industry engagement that students find in the classroom is unmatched by any other institution, and it is through this engagement that students understand the realities of the industry and what is necessary to succeed.

Learning must be practical. There is no other way to ensure students are job-ready at graduation.

83% of IACT College lecturers have an average of 12 years of working experience from various industries


Industry Classroom Partners

Industry Classroom Partners - IACT College


Guest Speakers

IACT College continually creates opportunities for students to engage with heroes in the industry, whether it is by a guest speaker or through our F.Y.Inspiration speaker series. They come to share their experience and inspire the future talents of their industry.

• Freda Liu, Producer at BFM 89.9, author of PR Yourself: Red Lipstick and Amazing Shoes
• Premesh Chandran, CEO at Malaysiakini
• Andreas Vogiatzakis, Managing Director at OMG Malaysia
• Ho Paik San, Former Assistant Vice President of Marketing and Circulation at Astro Publications
• Joseph De Leon, Strategic Planning Director, DraftFCB
• Icen Wong, Chief Brand Strategist, President and Founder, Brand Labz
• Terry Ghani, Executive Chairman, MyNET Capital
• Jeffery Yap, Creative Director and Founder, Jeffery Yap Designs
• Andrew Lau, Head of Leaderonomics Campus, Leaderonomics
• Azim Hulaimi, Visual effects Artist and Co-Founder, Mira Digital
• Raja Zalina, Head of Corporate Affairs, Mondelez Malaysia
• Jason Chin, Former Marketing Director at Kraft Foods Malaysia
• Jaya Mahajan, Former Vice President of Factual Programming, Astro

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