Making a career decision is indeed an important one. We hope the decision you have made or are about to make, will be one that you will feel confident about succeeding in. If advertising and communication or creative multimedia appeals to you, we can help you become successful in it. But the first step is for you to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in the field to prepare yourself for a brighter future.

At IACT College, with a faculty including established practitioners, students will get first-hand information and tips about what’s hot and happening in the “real world.” In addition, they will also get hands-on experience during practical attachments with leading local and international organisations.

Full Time Programmes

IACT College - BA (Hons) Media, Culture & Communication
IACT College - BA (Hons) Advertising & Design
IACT College - Diploma in Mass Communication
IACT College - Diploma in Broadcasting
IACT College - Diploma in Marketing & Advertising
IACT College - Diploma in Graphic Design
IACT College - Foundation in Media Studies
IACT College - Certificate in Communication Studies