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Project ImPOSSIBLE features exciting insiders’ stories mainly from the lecturers and students of IACT College, the creative communication specialist. This platform offers you a window to get a virtual education experience at IACT College. Journey through these writers’ exploration and witness their growth to prove I’M Possible!

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Making Creative Waves with Project ImPossible

IACT College has always been about discovering and nurturing creativity. As part of the effort to inspire endless creativity within oneself, Project ImPossible was launched with the aim at encouraging everyone to excel in their field and document their achievement….

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A taste of Journalism

One of the many great things about being in IACT is the industry exposure we get to enjoy. On the 13th of March, we manage to meet a successful millennial that has gone far for her age, Carolyn Ramoran Hamilton-Malasig,…

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Insightful Talks by Industry Professionals

Last semester, I had the subject Publicity & Media Relations with lecturer Ms Yen Ling. In this short semester of 3 months, we got to sit in 2 talks by industry professionals. Vivian Tan-Higgs, Managing Director of Geometry Global Malaysia…

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