About ImPOSSIBLE Ambassadors

Featuring scholars and high achievers from IACT College, this section encompasses the ImPOSSIBLE stories and amazing journeys behind these successful students. Read on as each ambassador shares their personal insights in its rawest form: documenting the ups and downs as a student of the creative communication specialist college, as well as their personal efforts in keeping themselves alive and creative in spite of all the college madness!

Adelle Adrian

What does one say about one’s self without sounding glorifying? Especially in this culture where humility is gold, which is a good thing, but makes it all the harder to come up with a plausible answer on that dreaded ‘what about you?’ question. At 18, I still have no idea how to write an ‘About Me’ essay - I had trouble writing my professional blurb, guys - but I will endeavour to bring you, the reader, a little about myself without sounding like an over-accomplished alien or a horribly boring teen.

My name is Adelle Adrian - yes, like the singer but with double L’s - pronounced as Eh-dell (like the computer, Dell). My friends know me as ‘rojak’, due to the five different bloods I have in my system and ‘Google’, because for some reason people think I have the right answer to everything. Proud ex-Stella Marisian equivalent of valedictorian and now a budding student of Diploma in Graphic Design and IMPossible scholar at IACT.

My hobbies include reading so much, I seriously need a new bookshelf; and because I read, I write both teen romance (ahh, that phase of badly-written love stories about bad boys, modern day Cinderellas and hot werewolves) and fantasy and just a wee bit of poetry when I feel like it; I can dance and I do sing; furthermore, I am honoured to have been an active member of my former school’s badminton team, and public speaking is something I find oddly exciting. But I view anything and everything as a blank canvas, and that is where my passion lies: in my art.

That love was something that led me to where I am today: I upped and left the Science stream (she left the Science stream, what!) to join commerce where I took Pendidikan Seni Visual and was part of the backdrop and design team where we planned, designed and put up the backdrops and decorations around the school. I Googled art competitions and was very happy to have taken part in many by organizers such as Sharpie, Google, Individium and of late, Mountain Dew, Nandos, and UOB. Where my writing was concerned, I found the time to write pieces for Scholastic and Sunway Oxbridge; my love for public speaking bloomed in the year I turned sweet sixteen when I became inter-form champion two years in a row; to stay active, I participated in inter-school badminton competitions and led the athletes of my sports house as their female athletics captain. Not forgetting my faith, I also made sure to actively contribute my time to the Catholic Students’ Society with Powerpoint slides for first Friday masses, plan fundraisers, organize the annual school-level celebration and sing for my own church’s choir.

But enough about my achievements. I’m still obsessed with Disney; my favourite villain of all time is the Joker; like most Millennials, I think I don’t have enough money because it goes towards clothes on sale and art materials (not on sale). Family is priority among my principles, especially since one of our family activities include playing God of War together. One thing I would love to do in my older age besides becoming a known name in the creative industry and publishing my own novel is to have a small simple house furnished by IKEA with lots of land for the sole purpose of adopting many, many puppies. I am terribly emotional about children and in my opinion, Johnny Depp still looks better than most 20-year-olds and at my essence, I’m still an eighteen-year-old trying to find herself in a world of 7 billion people.

Welcome to the beginning of my ImPOSSIBLE stories.

Basil Cha

I’m passionate about art, music, people, and God. My life revolves around these pillars of interests/beliefs. I’ve always liked drawing, and I’ve always liked seeing people draw. Art is beautiful because it evokes feeling. There’s not a day in my life where I don’t listen to a song intentionally. Music is soul food for me. I love people. People are interesting, and they’re important. I like to help people. God has always been a big area in my life since I was young – He is very much real to me – and it was through serving in the church I developed many of the skills and talents I have today.

When I’m not pursuing my passions, I’m usually sleeping, hanging out with my friends or watching a film. I love watching films.

I am the youngest of three siblings, and being that, I’ve always had to live under the shadow of their greatness, and so, currently, I am on the journey of finding my own.

Ng Wu Ken

My name is Wu Ken, being a 19 year old introvert has its perks. Whenever I’m alone and just staring into the abyss of “space-out” land, my mind would always grind out tons and tons of ideas. And in order to get these ideas out of my head, I would always draw them out. Whether it may be a meteor literally showering or an otter in “otter” space! It’s a good thing that drawing is a passion of mine or not I’ll get sick after the 10th drawing. Occasionally, I would post them up on Instagram, so it can brighten up the day with random doodles for my friends. If you too want to get a dosage of doodles, you could pop over to @hamandbutterstrips #shamelessadvertising). Although I’m a big introvert, I really enjoy the company of others. But what I really enjoy more is to see them laugh, knowing that I was the one who initiated it. Just the thought of making someone’s day brighter really gives me a boost. And it’s always a double bonus if I make them laugh with my drawings, it’s a win-win situation for everyone!

Gaston Pong

Hey, It’s Gaston Pong here! I am a 19-year-old student who is currently in my 2nd Year in DMC (Diploma in Mass Communication). I came to IACT College due to my desire to learn more about the creative industry. I am someone who goes crazy for art due to early exposure to art at a young age of 2 to learn piano (Yeah, I was forced to). With this burning passion, I was eager to learn more about creative arts. This led my way to IACT to pursue my studies. People love to call me a ‘visual-smart’ person, as I am always sensitive to visuals. This became a motivation factor to enjoy learning graphic design, photography and videography in IACT.
“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.” – Eric Thomas
I am a striver for success, and my enthusiasm towards creativity drives me to excel in my studies. Creativity is my oxygen for work and life. I always believe the ability to think creatively is the key to stand out from the crowd. My artwork ideas involve viewing things from a different perspective. I will share more of my artwork in the future! I aspire to produce my own film and release my self-written song one day. In order to achieve my dreams, I strive to be an all-rounded student. Hence, I put extra effort to understand different aspects of creative arts.

Aside from studies, my passion is to perform on stage! I picked up pop vocal training for 2 years and then started to perform as a freelance musician. From there, I was able to save up and gather equipment for a Youtube channel. I enjoy singing, especially with my keyboard with me. Music is my language to express thoughts and feelings. I seize chances to perform and dream to step on a larger stage if the right opportunity comes.

I thought IMPossible Story would be great portal for me to chronicle my experiences, ideations and process of learning. I hope my sharing would spark off inspiration and spread creativity around!

Teresa Tan

Hi there! My name’s Teresa. I always find it hard to introduce myself but I will try anyway.

My friends call me hipster but I disagree because everybody is different in one way or another. For me, it would be the music I listen to which is Jazz. Growing up, I listened to bands like the Eagles, Queen, Incognito and any band that were famous during the 70s or 80s. It has contributed to my taste in music until now, which makes me a little different. I also love performing. Twice a year I get to perform with the KLPAC Symphonic Band but when I’m not performing live, I make covers and upload them on YouTube to share my love for music! I think the arts need to be appreciated more - be it performing arts, painting, make up or even photography. It is something I hold very close to my heart and I would love to see it flourish and be a part of the process.

With the ISFJ personality type, I prefer doing things solitarily from shopping to having coffee at a cafe. People may find me unfriendly when they see me in the library doing assignments with my earphones in, but they would change their minds once they get to know me. I’m just a little shy!

I am still growing and I believe five years from now I would write this differently but for now, this is me!

Oh, and cats = love!

Lau Eve Lyn



This is E.

I’m always discovering lots, lots of new interests for myself. Welcome.

I’ll first bring you back to 2010.
I used to doodle like this, a lot, in Tumblr. (2010-2012)
When I first introduced myself with Photoshop CS3.
I find them so bubbly and cute now.

Not sure when but I too started watercolour painting in my sketchbook with cheap paints.

And some other day I got myself pirated Adobe Illustrator and started playing with pen-tool which I have no idea what it was. I find it really different from brush tool!

When I was form 3, I ordered some transparent casings and started doodling on ‘em and sell.

I find myself in watercolouring and it will always be my fav medium.

This year, I finally got myself a journal. (from taobao which is less than Rm20)
Yes, I bring them, everywhere.
In the following post, I’ll talk about it in detail! Stay tuned*

Isn’t it funny how our artworks transform and evolve as time passes. Always keep tracks on them and one day when you look back, that’s what make you, the you, now. It’s priceless.

Back then, my friends often say that I’m so free doing all this leisure despite the high school workloads. But no, I swear it’s how you make time for the things you love doing.

Thank you for reading!

I believe I’ll bring you more about my journal and polymer clay creations.

cheers to the coming postsssss!

Have a nice day! *teehee

Lim Ee Yeng

Just an inch under 5 feet, I am a Diploma in Mass Communication student and an IACT IMPossible Scholar. My name is Lim Ee Yeng but you can call me Yeng. However, do not be fooled by my small demeanour for I have dreams taller than the Burj Khalifa tower! I live by the saying, “Dreams aren’t made when you’re asleep, they are made when you’re awake”. Hence, I require several cups of coffee a day to keep making my dreams come true. On most days, I am busy crunching out assignments on my laptop or making lame puns to my college mates. My interests include but are not limited to; writing, shopping, volunteering my time for a good cause, learning new things and eating! If you see my wildest side in college, do approach me with your friendliest smile and lamest pun that you can think of.

Xindy Wong

Welcome to the life of a Sarawakian. I am called by many as Xindy but my full name is Wong Xin Shi. There’s a story behind why I am called Xindy and why it is not in my IC but that story will be kept for some other time as you follow me on as I embark on this journey of a college life.

As a kid I have been transferred to countless schools and places over the years of my childhood. Though I have a typical Chinese name but I am not fully Chinese as my grandmother is a native ethnic called the Kayan. I spent most of my childhood with my Kayan grandmother which caused my siblings and I to grow up in an English speaking environment and the effects of that is that all of us can’t read or write in Chinese.

I am an extrovert, I always was. Being alone is the worst thing for me. The downside of being an extrovert is that you can’t bear the thought of being alone but it has its benefits. You want to know why? It has given me many unexpected friendships. I grew up watching movies and series. Cartoons were not the main attraction for me as a kid. Shows such as CSI and Oprah caught my attention and I have been glued to the TV ever since. I am definitely a movie junkie but I am proud of it.

I enter the leadership role every since kindergarten. There was never a time where I was just a follower. Honestly, I hated having to take lead at first but as I grew it has shaped the path that I am walking on today. I held many posts but the most memorable one was when I was appointed as President of my Youth Council in church for my youth ministry. I had more than 100 youths under my care and this position broke me in a good way where I changed my way of dealing with people of different backgrounds. I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to experience what I did because it has really helped me in group assignments in college.

I grew up with a music background of piano but hated the whole process and quit later on. I self taught myself guitar and bass which has helped me in music events. I learnt angklung which was a traditional music instrument and gamelan instruments because I was the President for the Kebudayaan club in high school.

I can go on and on about myself but where’s the fun if I exposed it all now. This is just a sneak peak on about me. There’s more than what meets the eye with me. Stay tuned for more!

Group photo of my complete Youth Council for the year 2014-2015

Last day of the camp which I helped organised in the Council as Treasurer

Free style picture of the complete council

Group picture with the council after being chosen as the Treasurer

Fishy Lim

Characteristics of creative people noted by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, a Hungarian psychologist, based on his research, include this:

“Creative people tend to be both extroverted and introverted. We’re usually one or the other, either preferring to be in the thick of crowds or sitting on the sidelines and observing the passing show.”

The “creative people” refer to the people from various fields from the artists, scientists, architects, mathematicians, entrepreneurs and more. These are the people who come up with new ideas and new things.

And I would consider myself as one of them – be it as a performer on stage, an actor on screen, or a girl who never stops learning in this creative communication industry.
I think I am a weird combination of both deeply introverted and very daring.
- Helen Elizabeth Hunt, an American actress, film director, and screenwriter –
I find myself in her words. Today, if you see a girl who is actively socializing with people, performing on stage like no other, and then, you see her sitting alone, quietly, blocking every interaction from the outside world on the other day - yes, that’s me, Fishy.
People always ask me why would I name myself as Fishy.

Oh, because my last name in the Chinese language has the same pronunciation as fish.

But, little do people know, imagine myself to live in the sea, to swim against the stream, to experience the freedom, to be whom I want to be and to chase after my own dreams – it makes me feel alive; it drives me to explore.

I’m a small fish in the ocean. But I dare to dream big.

My name is Evelyn Chamila Gunasegran. I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am a friendly person, but usually shy to strangers. I believe in positivity, with a positive mind anything is possible. I also try to spread positive vibes to everyone in my surroundings. I graduated from Segi College Kuala Lumpur in 2014 with a Diploma in Graphic Design. My passion for art started with a television show “Art Attack”, I love drawing, painting, arts and crafts. That is when I discovered inspiration could be found anywhere and in any form. I am a nature kind of person and love to admire the beauty of the nature and one day wish to travel around the world.

Hey! My name is Justin Wong and I’m a freelance photographer, videographer and currently studying in my final year of the Degree in Media, Culture and Communication as part of the program affiliated with the University of Sunderland. Despite being a scholar student, I try my best not to solely focus on my studies but to build my work portfolio for my future career as well. I have a website http://justinperky.wix.com/perkygraphy that documents all of my previous work. (shameless self promotion). Apart from that, I’m vertically challenged like I don’t even reach 5 feet. Imagine being almost the same height as Tyrion Lannister.

That’s not too bad I guess cause he is one bada** character in Game of Thrones.

Oh and one last thing, winter is coming.

My name is Quek Pek Yin. My hometown is Johor but I have been living in Petaling Jaya since I was 8. I am a Chinese girl who can speak tamil. I love reading ,mostly romance and fantasy. Singing is my passion, like I sing every day. I am a really happy and bubbly person once u get to know me. Everyone has a fear, at least one and my BIGGEST FEAR is HEIGHTS!!! I am a team player as well. Food!! My partner for life. Last but not least, I LOVE IACT COLLEGE, a place where I can expand my creativity.

Born, raised & based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Jing Wen is a passionate graphic designer/art director. She has graduated in Graphic Design Diploma in 2014 from The Saito College of Art; and currently studying BA (Hons) in Advertising & Design at IACT College (in collaboration with University of Sunderland). Besides her passion in art and design, she also found her love for photography.

Hey! I am Violette Low, but you can call me ‘Vi”. I’m a caffeine addict who loves great music playlists. I perform in the shower for free and got the passion for fashion.

‘Sup everyone! My name is Xin Ying (that’s singing, not dancing), surname Peh (like the fruit) and I’m a year two, semester one student currently enrolled in the Advertising and Design degree in IACT, which I will now refer to as BAD, just like everyone else. Because…hey, if you’re gonna be a part of the college, you need to start learning the lingo.

Off we go to Point Number One. I’m not from KL. On the contrary, I’m a Penangite, born and raised, at least until I was dragged down South by my very loving (but also kinda crazy) parents the year I turned sixteen.

Point Number Two. I am a thoroughbred IACT-ian, as I progressed (almost immediately) into BAD after finishing my Foundation in Media Studies (FMS) course. And when I said immediately, I meant like I only had a month long break before I jumped in, head-first, into my degree. This, I do not recommend. But I survived, not unscathed, but I survived. And you will too! Maybe.

Point Number Three. I’m a writer. The very irritating way I’m structuring this article might convince you otherwise, but I can fully assure you that I am a writer. Beyond the copies I churn out for class—headlines, taglines, all kinds of lines. I also write poetry. And fiction. And well, the occasional very irritating About Me listicle.

Point Number Four. I do a lot of hand-lettering. I’m not exceptionally good at it, but I’m progressively getting better at not messing up my brush strokes. And now, I’m going to shamelessly plug my Instagram account (pehxinying) so that you can have a look at some of my work, and I can gain a few more followers. Come on, it’s a win-win situation.

Point Number Five. I’m always at college, but because degree students are often referred to as Unicorns—you know that they exist, but have not seen them around—it’s rather unlikely that you’ll catch a glimpse of me. But if you do, say hi, okay? Don’t worry about my very major RBF, it’s probably just the lack of sleep and constant stress. I don’t bite….hard.

Oh hey, look! Seems like we’ve come to the end of the list. That wasn’t too painful to read, right? Right. So anyway, welcome! I’ll leave you with these parting words: IACT functions a little like a dysfunctional family; things get a little crazy sometimes, there’s a whole lot of drama, but it’s home, and you’ll come to love it anyway—warts and all—just like I did. I really hope that you’ll come and stay.

Xin Ying out.

Hi, I’m Shashi from Ipoh, Perak, and I’m 26 years old. Yes, that’s true. Having been clueless for the most part after high school I only had two things in my mind; dogs and football. Shaping my life at left, right and centre, I had found my passion while in school yet I was lost. 5 years after leaving my school life prematurely, I joined college and everything changed. Not because it was cool or because I had friends, rather the mode of learning was not one way, which enabled me to find myself as a person. From then on, I never looked back, taking everything in my stride. Today, I’m in my 2nd year of my degree programme at IACT College pursuing my studies in the field of Media and although my life of isolation and misdirection is behind me, it remains a place I draw strength from. Not to mention the 5 years of ‘extra sleep’ I gained in solitude is the added fuel in my tank that keeps me energised.

Hey! I’m Eu Kien, 18 this year. Many people remember my name as “You Can”. People use that to motivate me whenever I felt like giving up. They will say “you can do it, don’t give up!” I thank my mom for giving me this wonderful name because this name has become a motivator for me. Besides, I love learning musical instruments such as drums, guitar and piano but currently, I'm able to play the guitar. I also like to make friends but I can be a little shy at times. I regard myself as a disciplined person as I have joined the Boys’ Brigade and am currently still serving.

I started my college life this year taking up the Diploma in Broadcasting. In these two and a half years, I hope that I will make as many friends as I can and that my classmates and I will assist each other in facing the many challenges during our study especially from the assignments! Apart from that, I also wish to have fun studying and to make good memories in this college with my fellow friends. Moreover, I hope my friends will bear with what is lacking in me and will try to guide me as we learn together. I believe that no one is perfect as we are human. Certain things I know may not be known by some and vice-versa.

A little something about me
Yes, my name is kinda hard to pronounce but I believe you will like my name once you know how to pronounce it :P
Studying Diploma in Mass Communication with IACT College
Love life. Love photography
Curious about the world!

“And here, just ahead, we find a rather bizarre specimen of homo sapiens.”
The most common way for me to introduce myself is by using the first of my line starters, “Have you heard of Jet Li? Well yea, I’m him, but pronounced Jit Lee. (jit-lē)” followed by 5 minutes of over-exaggerating phonetics and mouth-shaping.

Yes, my name is Jit Lee, and after being a proud Sempurnian for 14 years I decided to take to the creative industry and started on a Diploma in Mass Communication in January 2017. I’ve always considered myself as an extrovert, but recently I have begun to identify as an ambivert, and as an ambivert I enjoy a little me-time as much as I love being with people.

I am interested in just about anything and everything – just take a look at my playlists – and I simply refuse to stay contented and stop exploring the beauties of the realm we live in. The wonders of fantasy, reality and philosophy is where I constantly phase in and out. I am passionate about sharing ideas, and I dare say that TED has stolen my line of “ideas worth spreading”. (Jit, that’s called defamation.) Give me a stage or a camera or a pencil or a laptop or a book and I will sing, speak, act, dance, write, draw, shoot, read and do absolutely anything with what I’m given. Passion is a fire that I protect with a ferocity and I feed with imagination and purpose. (Btw, if you would like a glimpse of what I write, visit my blog at http://aetherealm.blogspot.my/) (Shameless!)
The world is my canvas, and I hold the pen.

So, this is where I start my IMPossible Story, and I hope it inspires you to start yours too!

Hey, it’s me Jocelyn Yong! I’m an 18 year old student who is currently in my first semester studying the Diploma in Graphic Design. I am also an IMPOSSIBLE Scholar. I always love to take challenges and overcome obstacles. Therefore Graphic Design suits me a lot. At the very beginning, I was torn between choosing my career as a designer or an accountant. The situation got more intense as I was offered to pursue accounting in matriculation. Since designing and drawing has been my passion since my childhood days, I decided to follow my passion to pursue the world of Design.

Besides arts and photography, sport is also one of my favorite hobbies too. In my school days, I was a Quarter Master - prefect for sports. I always got amused by the spirit and the sense of success achieved by the athletes during their sporting events. By the phrase of ‘no harm trying’, I took up my first running event for the MSSD road run. Through a series of hardcore training and determination, I was honored to be the Sports Women for the Year 2015 and 2016.

In school, I am also well known for my artwork. Months before the annual sports days, my team members and I will design the banner and flag with all the paintings and typography. It was a memorable one and I learnt the Art of Teamwork. I am also the president for the Art Club too.

In conclusion, Art is powerful, without words it is able to deliver millions of stories and brings us closer together. I believe that designing could brighten up everyone’s life to make the society a better place and I’m very sure that I’M POSSIBLE!

Hello, my name is Oon Jie Yi. I am from Johor and I am studying the Diploma in Mass Communication at IACT College.

You might think that I am still young because I look young, but actually I am a grown up fine girl who is passionate about learning new things. I have many hobbies since I was young so my parents would let me go for a lot of art classes. I had learnt dancing, playing the piano, playing chess, drawing, calligraphy and playing the Chinese yoyo.

I am a very enthusiastic student and crave to learn more from my programme especially video production as want to persue my dream as a Youtuber.

I am also an optimistic person. I like reading self-help books to strengthen my language as well as motivate myself. I enjoy my time in the college and it is really nice to study as the students here are very friendly and always ready to help each other. I appreciate that I have the opportunity to be a part of the IACT team and chosen as an IMPossible scholar.

Although it will be hard for me at first because I am a fresh first semester student and still adjusting to a new environment, I hope that with the help of the lecturers and the IMPossible project, I can improve myself and contribute to the college as I go along.

What’s up people? Lennon here!
I wanna keep things short and simple alright. It’s easier for you to understand about me. The name’s Lennon, 18 but technically 17 years old cause I’m a December baby and I’m from Melaka. Yeah!
It’s my first semester here in IACT College and I think it’s going pretty smooth, I THINK. Oh and by the way, I’m a Mass Communication student. Throughout the first few months I’ve been here, the only thing I can say is, “How is this college not
famous?”. It’s all Project-Based Learning, which means instead of sitting down at a boring classroom like I’m used to in high school, we get to actually apply the theories we learnt in class and to do it hands on! I was surprised and to be honest, I didn’t expect it to be this much fun!
And as an IMPOSSIBLE Scholar, the only thing left to say is that I <3 IACT College from the bottom of my heart. Welcome to my IMPOSSIBLE Stories! Lennon, PEACE OUT.