1 Competition, 3 Awards

In early October 2015, IACT students clinched not just 1 but 3 awards at The Star’s English for More Opportunities (EFMO) short film competition. It is one of the efforts of The Star aiming to promote the importance of English language and to instil the usage of the language to improve a person’s life. IACT Broadcasting lecturer, Cyrus Tan, seized the opportunity for his students to participate in the EFMO competition that was held from June to August, and making it as one of their class assignments. Besides putting their skills to the test, the students could stand a chance to win cash prizes totalling RM5,000!
The grand winner of the competition of IACT category, Kirran Prashaanth, shared, “Students must be able to communicate in English, since it is the global language spoken by billions of people.” The director of ‘Aangilam’ also emphasised the importance of the language, “Being able to communicate in English would not only open up international job prospects but will expose young employees to different cultures.” Together with Kirran was his cousin, Prem D, and collegemate, Lai Zhi Liang, they all made the award-winning ‘Aangilam’ under their very own production team – Blank Productions. The film features an immigrant encountering communication barrier with the locals as he does not speak English thus catching himself in a communication struggle when he loses his wallet. According to the interview with The Star, ‘Aangilam’ was shot in Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur, and amazingly, the entire production only took RM50 but the group successfully walked away with RM2,500 of cash prize.
Kirran was inspired by a true story that happened in Ipoh, Perak, where a foreign worker struggled to find for his passport for he could not speak in Bahasa Malaysia. Connecting to the aims of EFMO, this incident also triggered him to share a precious advice, “Never feel shy to try to speak English. To hone your skills, speak to those who are proficient in English and most importantly, read books.”
Moving on to the first and second runner ups from IACT, Petals Production’s ‘E! NEWZ’ and Ice Mountain’s ‘A Tour to Remember’ won RM1,500 and RM1,000 cash prize respectively. Although there were only three spots to be won but numerous entries were submitted by IACT from various classes, mainly Video Production as well as Production Management and Scriptwriting. This competition served as a beneficial exercise to pave their way in making good films that meet industry standards, as the standards set by The Star was high and of quality.
At IACT, we believe that practical exercises are pivotal to the students’ creativity development. Thus, students would be exposed to as many industry-based experiences as possible by the lecturers. From competitions to assignments given by real clients, students are constantly injected with creativity as well as motivation and guidance from the industry experts – the IACT lecturers.
Do catch the winning videos:
IACT EFMO - Winner
WINNER: ‘Aangilam’ by Kirran Prashaanth, Lai Zhi Liang, Joshua Moi Weng Yew, Shiran Albert, Mansell Choong Ken Ryu
Watch the video here
IACT EFMO - First Runner Up
1ST RUNNER UP: ‘E! NEWZ’ by Arul Annemarie Rayan a/p Arul Christie Rayan, Loo Shenning, Toon Wan Ling, Sonia Hiew Sze Lin, Anatasha binti Abdul Halim
Watch the video here
IACT EFMO - Second Runner Up
2ND RUNNER UP: ‘A Tour to Remember’ by Aaron Wong Yi Siang, Mohammad Fawwaz bin Zaharuddin Fikri, Anthony Lee Zu You, Tan Wai Chun, Tdharshan Sharma
Watch the video here