IACT Students Shine in Japan

IACT Students Jenty Wong (L) and Siak Yaw Joe (R) on the stage with another Malaysian candidate at 12th Gatsby Creative Award 2018, Tokyo, Japan
IACT Students Jenty Wong (L) and Siak Yaw Joe (R) on the stage with another Malaysian candidate at 12th Gatsby Creative Award 2018, Tokyo, Japan

On 10th March, two IACT broadcasting students Jenty Wong Mun Kin and Siak Yaw Joe whose work were selected as top finalists represented Malaysia for the 12th GATSBY CREATIVE AWARDS together with representations from 11 other countries. The aim of GATSBY CREATIVE AWARDS is to discover young creators and talented students from various fields in Asia. Both Jenty Wong and Yaw Joe participated in the Commercial category where they were required to produce a 30-second TV commercial, and have their work judged by a famous Japanese director and TV producer, Jerry Ito.
Here’s a simple interview with Jenty Wong (JW) and Yaw Joe (YJ) on their “Gatsby” experience.

  1. How did you get your idea for your video entry

JW: I got the idea the moment when my lecturer asked us to come out with an idea. However, that idea was being challenged by my lecturer and I decided to still go on with it. I’m glad that the idea turned out well in the end 🙂

YJ: I got my idea from a youtube video that was talking about Greek mythology, so I thought of combining that with Gatsby, and thus the birth of my idea.

Jenty Wong, a Broadcasting graduate of IACT College Gatsby Creative Award Japan
Jenty Wong, a broadcasting graduate of IACT College
  1. How did you feel when you were informed of the award?

JW: I honestly didn’t expect to be one of the finalists in the beginning. However, when I found out that my work got to the voting stage, I became very motivated to want to be a finalist. I’m of course, very happy when they told me I’m one of the finalists!

YJ: Super excited in the beginning because not many people get this kind of experience. It also helps by being one of the highlights on my CV (laughs) so I can find a job easier.

  1. How has the experience going to Japan and join that award ceremony enriched you in any way?

JW: Going to Japan and joining the award ceremony is a whole new experience in my life. I got to know more about the Japanese culture and something special about the locals there. Though I was there for only three days, I know I’m going to go back there again.

YJ: Firstly, I have never been to Japan before so it felt like a free vacation for me to explore the country! I also learned a lot during the award ceremony because we have participants from 12 different countries, and when I compare my work with theirs I realize that there’s much room for my improvement, and I felt small. Well, that’s why we need to keep improving ourselves and make ourselves more competitive!

Siak Yaw Joe 12th Gatsby Creative Awards Malaysia
Siak Yaw Joe, a broadcasting student from IACT College
  1. Who would you like to thank?

JW: I would like to thank Ms. Queenie for her encouragement. I would also like to thank my family, my teammate, and those who support me by voting and helping me all these years. I would like to thank my lecturer for challenging my ideas so I have a stronger conviction for my ideas and make it work.

YJ: Oh there are many to thank but the first person that came to my mind is Miss Penn Low, I may not have good grades but I’m pretty sure I am creative and Ms. Penn Low inspired my creativity further in her Creative Thinking class, and I felt like my ability is finally recognised by someone. It has been the reason why I can keep moving on and be a creative person! I would also like to thank Mr. Cyrus and Ms. Jacinta who teach me how to present my idea visually.  Lastly, I would like to thanks my friends for helping me a lot during the shooting and voting section!

Yaw Joe’s award-winning work, “Treasure of Cupid”

Jenty’s award-winning work, “The Art”