4 Photos, 2 Stories

Hello new semester, hello new subjects, hello new and more challenging assignments! This semester, I’m taking a rather interesting and engrossing subject – Media Criticism. It’s basically a subject where we learn how to closely examine and analyse media usage, determining the hidden messages in pictures, ads or even films, how media can manipulate and influence us, and much more.
As for one of my final assignment, each team are to present 4 pictures with a theme that we have to give our own definition to. My team chose the topic of beauty standard with 4 photos with a twist, our photos tells 2 different stories.
Have a read 🙂 Also try reading it in a backwards sequence, our story works both ways!
Theme: Beauty Standards

  • Our society establishes a set standard of beauty that its members are pushed conform to, and so in the midst of abiding to these ‘rules’, we lose our own unique individuality.

4pix1story_Violette Low 1

  1. While others lead simple lives full of confidence within themselves, the one who conforms to society’s standards of beauty; although may step up to that standard, may never find true happiness as they hide behind a mask. The people in the background with plain white tees and no makeup show the simple joys in life that cannot really be bought with money and beauty. Whereas the girl who is at the center of attention may shine the brightest with her beauty and fashionable clothes, her eyes tell a different story.

4pix1story_Violette Low 2

  1. This is an abstract piece showing many people having an overwhelming number of different opinions in shaping one’s outlook appearance. It shows how society dictates the way a girl should put on her makeup on a daily basis, as if a mask in order to cover up flaws; to finally be defined as beautiful.

4pix1story_Violette Low 3

  1. The vacant background represents a canvas of unlimited possibilities one can choose to pursue to lead a more colourful life, yet she has a one track mind of ensuring that she looks absolutely perfect with last minute makeup touch ups as her usual daily routine. The mirror in her hand is a reflection of what she hopes to be or perceived as by abiding to society’s standards instead of being true to herself and embracing her already beautiful self.

4pix1story_Violette Low 4

  1. Here, it shows her wrist full of bloodied cuts. Through the dark and light shades of reds of the cuts, you can see that almost all are recent, showing that as we grow up, we become more conscious of what people may think of us and we torture ourselves by overthinking. Our insecure thoughts consume our minds just as the girl consumes those many packets of drugs and pills that she thinks could hopefully be her cure to life. On the contrary, it is actually one of the causes of her hurting herself. Furthermore, the loose grip of her hands while she cuts shows how numb she is from the pain that she has inflicted upon herself through the words of others.

Overall, I’m fairly proud of the outcome of this assignment, we’ve definitely did a great job as a team. Oh, did I mention that the cuts on the wrist are fake? They look pretty darn legit don’t they? Hehe 🙂