IACT x Scoolers Award

IACT College shone brightly at the recent Scoolers Award by winning 10 prizes in various categories including Best Art Direction, Best Design, Best Publication Design and Best Film. Organised by Pop Digital and chaired by award winning creative director Edward Wong. This award seeks to prepare the next generation who truly believe in the power of creativity to effect change in the advertising industry, and the world!
“Joining competitions builds on the passion within each student, giving them the extra edge whilst pursuing their diploma,” explained the Programme Leader of IACT design school, Queenie Yaw “It also teaches them to work creatively around a given brief, adhere to strict deadlines and prepares them for industry standard,”
Founded by the advertising industry in 1970, IACT College trains its students rather differently. Besides introducing real industry clients for students to work with, they also encourage joining industry competitions, giving students the right exposure to the industry standard and hence be more job ready!
Victoriya Titova who won Gold in “Best Art Direction” shared her excitement for winning the prize: “This is the first time I explored a different direction in my art, therefore winning this award was incredibly inspiring because it means that this could be the direction in which I could go in the future!” When asked how she felt when her name was called for the said prize, she said, “It was overwhelming! I felt very grateful for the support given to me by my mother and IACT College! I have been reaffirmation that hard work DOES pay off even though it may not seem like it at first. I also learned that when you are enjoying yourself, amazing things can happen.”
“I hope that by joining the competition, our students would know that the prize is always the result of a difficult journey. Nothing comes easy in life! This would make them stronger and more convicted of their work!” Another design lecturer, Dora Chua said.
Kampar boy Will Wai and Kota Bahru girl Lau Eve Lyn, outstation student who left their hometown to join IACT College here in Petaling Jaya, said the first thing they did was to call their mother when they both won Silver in Best Design.
“My mom has been doubtful about my choice to go on this path. This prize affirms her of my hardworks, and that I made a right choice to become a designer, which is what I am passionate about!” Will Wai shared.
“Besides the award ceremony, what was eye-opening to me would be the artwork critic session. I was given the opportunity to show my works to creative directors and copywriters from renown advertising agency, explain our concept to them and let them give their critique. I’ve learned so much in the process! I think every student should go and have their works reviewed!” Lau Eve Lyn shared.
Jenny Chan, who won Bronze for Best Art Direction says, “Winning award does give me a lot of motivation to pursue this dream! I learned the secret to success is to really work hard and don’t procrastinate!”
Penny Low, lecturer in Creative Thinking believed that the ecstatic moments of winning an award makes the experience all worthwhile. “That’s the thing with winning award. You keep pushing yourself to do better, and you never arrive at winning something great and stop there, you want to go further!” She said.
IACT prepares their students to face head on with the many challenges in the industry. There are always tougher judges and critiques out there! Through participating competition like this, students can be more prepared for the industry and resulting in well sought after graduates with high capability!
Congratulations again to the well-deserved winners! Here’s the list of winners and link to their award winning works:
Best Art Direction
(Gold), Victoriya Titova, Yigo
(Bronze), Jenny Chan, Creativity
Best Film (Silver), Sonia Hiew – Social Media Version of You
Best Design
(Silver), Will Wai – Chiki
(Silver), Lau Eve Lyn, Hoppity
(Finalist), Sebastian Ong, ONI
Best Illustration (Digital) (Finalist), Victoriya Titova, Father Nature

Best Work Inspired By Current Events
(Silver), Sonia Hiew, 2016 Malaysian Things
(Finalist), Chong Kern Wei, Unity for Victory

Victoriya Titova
Victoriya Titova, Gold in Best Art Direction

Scoolers Award winners 1
IACT College lecturers shared the glory with award winning students. From (L): Penny Low, Victoriya Titova, Will Wai, Queenie Yaw, Lau Eve Lyn, Jenny Chan, Dora Chua, Sonia Hew, Joanna Lee and Chong Kern Wei.

Scoolers Award winners 1
IACT Rocks!