A Friendly Malaysia?

They said “Friend In Need Is a Friend Indeed”. It is true. We, as Malaysians, we befriend each other without considering much of our race because we are all for one and one for all.
I could still remember clearly, during my photography class in my first semester, I had a competition on Islamic Culture and Heritage. In this assignment, we have to shoot pictures that had the element of Malay’s culture and heritage. Although I have taken quite a number of pictures during the field trip, unfortunately, the pictures did not turn out to be impressive. I decided to shoot more on the indoor of the mosque. Being a Chinese, we are always skeptical to go to the mosque. Blessed enough, my close Malay friends were willingly to lend a hand to help me up with the assignment.
Early in the Saturday morning, we gather at the mosque and I am so eager to go in and explore as this is my first time entering the mosque. As a respect, I had to ‘tutup aurat’ by wearing a scarf covering my head. To my surprise, one of my friends had already prepared it for me. They explained each and every part of the places in the mosque and what they did during their Friday prayer. All these knowledge are so valuable that can’t be found in any of our textbook or even our Sejarah textbook.
These are my favorite pictures that I have taken.
Jocelyn Yong Photography Malaysia
Jocelyn Yong Photography Malaysia 1 Jocelyn Yong Photography Malaysia 1

Jocelyn Yong Photography Malaysia 1
So yep, a picture of me in the mosque for the first time.

Every year, Thaipusam Festival is just like another typical public holiday, but not for this year. On February 10th, one of my Indian friends invited me to go to Batu Cave to celebrate Thaipusam Festival. It was actually our promise during high school that we will go to Batu Cave together during Thaipusam day, and we made it!  I am not only joining her, but her whole family members.
Over there, we pampered ourselves with henna art work on the hand and queue more than 2km long just to eat the vegetarian dinner during midnight. She explained and taught me a lot of the Indian Cultures. It was extremely crowded and everyone squished like a tin of sardine. I can clearly remember that we all had to hold hands together and squeeze through the crowd or else we will never reach our destination. Experiences like these are valuable and priceless. For the whole journey, she and her family treated me like a part of their family member. That is why I love being a Malaysian.
Pictures taken during Thaipusam Festival at Batu Cave.
Jocelyn Yong Photography Malaysia Jocelyn Yong Photography Malaysia
Jocelyn Yong Photography Malaysia
I did henna art on both of my hand. The most challenging part was when we have to pass through the crowds with un-dry henna.

Jocelyn Yong Photography Malaysia
“United we stand, divided we fall” is what we always heard from teachers and family since young. Because of that, our country is still standing strong and tall. I’m truly blessed to be part of Malaysia, Happy Malaysia day!