"A Stay" won Most Popular Video at PROVIM2018

A Stay crew provim2018 iact college short film
Cast and crew from “A Stay” posing in front of Media Prima building after receiving their awards

A heartwarming short film produced by IACT students from Diploma in Broadcasting and Film won “Top 10” and “Most Popular Video” after garnering over 1,400 likes and 7,000 views on YouTube, among the 500 entries submitted to Project Video Malaysia 2018 (PROVIM), a nationwide short film competition organized by Media Prima Berhad in conjunction with National Day and Malaysia Day 2018.
“A Stay” tells the story of a Chinese boy who had to stay with a Malay family during his father’s work trip to China. Through the lens of the director and music that tuck the heartstrings, this 3-minute short film captured the emotional struggle of someone learning to adapt to a new culture beautifully. The film left an invitation for viewers to learn and appreciate the unique multiracial and multicultural society in Malaysia.
A Stay crew provim2018 iact college short film
The story was loosely influenced by the experience of the director and scriptwriter of “A Stay”, Muhammad Ammar Adzim Mohd Taufik. “I was in Italy for a student exchange programme and I stayed with a foster family for 3 months. It was very hard for me to adapt to a new culture and accept the many differences. However, I managed to overcome them eventually and enjoyed myself there –I hope this story offers something the viewers that they can resonate with!”
Despite the many challenges, the team managed to produce the short film within a very thin one-week timeline. “Though it seemed impossible, all of us gave our best to the production and made it work because we believe that it was a very important story to tell especially with all the racial tension that was going on lately. It is important to highlight on mutual respect, understanding and cultural tolerance in Malaysia.” co-director and production manager Amanda Zuzartee said.
A Stay crew provim2018 iact college short film
When asked how they feel about the win, co-writer Eric Low said, “I was so shocked when we were told that we go to the Top 10! This is the first time I am part of a competition and I honestly didn’t expect to win anything!”
The team also credited their success to their lecturer from IACT College, Mr. Azizul Rahman bin Mahfudz for guiding and supporting them all the way. “We like how he encourages us to think creatively and helps us to come out with better ideas,” Amanda said.
“Mr. Azizul afforms us and helps us learn that our film can only be as good as we want it to be – that’s why we really push through and make it as good as possible!” Ammar Adzim said. “I just want to thank him for pushing us to join competitions, even when we don’t feel like it!” Eric Low said.
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