A taste of Journalism

One of the many great things about being in IACT is the industry exposure we get to enjoy. On the 13th of March, we manage to meet a successful millennial that has gone far for her age, Carolyn Ramoran Hamilton-Malasig, who balance between being a diplomat’s wife and a Filipino journalist. She is such a role model to many young journalists who want to enter the industry.  Though my interest isn’t in the field of journalism, I felt somehow comforting and hopeful with the tips and experience she shared with us.  Who said you can’t be young and successful? Carolyn is someone that proves that statement wrong. She has worked in CNN Philipines; she has her own lifestyle blog and is currently writing for Forbes.
This talk was an opportunity for a young aspiring journalist to grasp a sneak peek of the industry and take Carolyn’s tips into their work ethics. She focused more on Filipino journalism industry where she was based for many years but the tips she shared was suitable for journalism industry everywhere.
One of the lessons which I thought I would take away is to be adaptable in any situation and to be humble.  I think these are the extra things we get outside of the classroom and they are important, especially the ability to adapt. I think in this day and time people are being more complacent and tend to stay in their comfort zone. Being in a society where you need to be the best, we can’t accept that there is someone better. I think knowing that someone is better than you keep your passion burning and will keep you striving to be the best.
Overall, being able to see it firsthand that no matter what age you are, you can make it in life. What I saw in her when she spoke about journalism is the amount of passion that she has for her work which I hope I would always have in the field I am heading to.

Carolyn Ramoran Hamilton-Malasig IACT College Forbes
Carolyn shared her experience with IACT students majoring in Journalism