ADICTS (A Day in Creativity With Sunderland)

The last decade has shown a steady increase of students pursuing a career in the field of mass communication. Bachelor degrees are an investment of not only money but time.
Hundreds of hours are spent on attending lectures and completing assignments. It helps to know what you’re getting into.
This was the motivation for IACT College’s ADICTS programme. Known as A Day in Creativity with Sunderland, the programme aims to get students informed about mechanics of the college’s University of Sunderland bachelors programme on offer.
“This degree program emphasises more on thought-provoking subjects – challenging reality as I know it – which are essential in understanding the nature of media and culture,” Reyna Gopal, a student coordinators of the program explained.
“Nonetheless, these are all made possible with the help of our dedicated lecturers!”

Reyna Gopal (L) and her coursemate Wei Zin led a workshop during “ADICTS “

The programme is led by senior students enrolled in the college’s BA (Hons) Media, Culture and Communication 3 + 0 and BA (Hons) Advertising and Design programmes.
These programmes are internationally recognized and fully assessed by the University of Sunderland to ensure a standardized quality in results.
The seniors help highlight the challenges and provide insight into the most effective strategies in performing well in the degree. Student get to learn about what to expect when they undertake a degree programme compared to a foundation or a diploma.
Peh Xin Ying (standing) and Stephanie Yap (Seated, in white) from BA (Hons) Advertising and Design led an advertising workshop for their juniors

While there are other similarly titled degree programmes available in Malaysia, both University of Sunderland and IACT College believe in nurturing Malaysia’s aspiring creative talents by inspiring them to fulfil their dreams.
Borderless communications, global cultures, media convergence and world market are some of the most widely discussed topics of today.
Hence, individuals who want to pursue a creative profession must keep abreast with the most current and ever changing trends in the industry.
The University of Sunderland’s bachelor’s degree takes a liberal stance in its teaching of its programme. Working directly with lecturers at IACT College, subjects such as Media Studies and Cultural Studies allow students to freely explore a myriad of ideas from across the world.
“You are encouraged to argue, discuss, and create discourse. There is no censorship in this programme,” senior lecturer Natasha Hishamuddin says.
IACT lecturer Natasha binti Mohd Hishamudin
IACT lecturer Natasha binti Mohd Hishamudin shares her expertise in communications during ADICTS

This is why learning and teaching have to go beyond the classroom and into the virtual sphere, taking place on social media platforms such as Facebook.
Each module is delivered by lecturers with relevant industry and academic experience and approved by the University of Sunderland and the Malaysian Qualifications Agency.
This article was published in The Star Newspaper on 6th April 2017