Art Expo Malaysia Plus

The art enthusiast in me was bursting at the seams as I made my way to MATRADE Exhibition and Convention Centre.
I went to the Art Expo Malaysia Plus with a dear friend of mine and I must say, I enjoyed every bit of the event.
We went to the exhibition on 23rd October; a Sunday ( the second day of the expo). It was a free-admission event, so I was obviously a very happy kid that day.

I love art. Lurveeee art. I just love how someone could infuse their personality into a blank canvas and make it breathe life. I love how you could feel connected to an artist just by admiring his paintings or artworks. Most importantly, I love how we could all come together as one when it comes to art; art is basically a language by itself, a universal eye language.

I took many (and by ‘many’ I meant a whole lot) pictures of artworks that I found breathtakingly beautiful or rather interesting.
I mean, 2 hours of art browsing, and for sure you will encounter something that would cause you snapping loads of pictures on impulse.
There were artworks from all over the world. Art from the East and also from the West. I particularly love the Russian oil paintings and also the Malaysian artworks as well.

The artworks in the expo weren’t just limited to only paintings. There were sculptures, photography, installations, mixed media art and many more.
It was indeed an eye opener as to the ranges of art and its various media.
These were some of my most favourite artworks of the entire expo. The artworks were so beautiful that I would not help but mutter ‘pretty’ every 5 minutes! Haha.
‘Pretty, pretty, pretty!’, was my quote of the day.

The best part of the whole expo was that I got the chance to meet with Tim Bengal, a German sand and gold artist who is known for his black and gold art pieces.

You see that Petronas Twin Towers on the background? Yup, all done by this hella good looking artist standing beside me. Imagine the hours he has invested in that canvas. WOW!
Storytime: I was gushing over his artwork when I was at his booth. I was lining up to get his autograph and was telling my friend on how cute he looks and I was a picture with him. He heard me and offered to snap a picture with me. Even though I might seem calm and collected in the picture, I swear to God, my heart was fluttering non-stop! He’s such a talented cutie, ok? I couldn’t help myself. Hehe.