Baby of a Work

The all-nighters, the irregular eating time, the back aching feeling of staring at a monitor, you get my point. Any student in the world should know these feelings, and that’s the feeling of enslaving yourself to produce your lovely creation of an assignment, it’s kinda like your baby in a way.

And you’re probably thinking to yourself that your baby of a creation is the best in the world! First place ribbon material for sure. That is until you show it to your lecturer… that’s when all hell break loose, that’s when they burst out their shotgun and blast your baby with a load of criticism.

That’s exactly what happened to me in advertising class and boy was it demoralising. Like I didn’t want to do anything after that, it made what I thought was the best thing in the world into a stinking pile a crap.
Although a part of me felt like flipping the table, the rational adult part of me learned from the criticism shot at my baby. And to be frankly honest, I was able to learn so much new things. Definitely way more than my foundation, that’s for sure *cough cough*.

So moral of the story for all you kiddos out there, so what if your baby of a creation gets destroyed y criticism. Big deal! Just stop sulking, no point in doing that .Instead, built a better version and show them what you’re really made of! Besides, having more rejected ideas means having more developed.