Back to the 90s

The last few weeks of the semester tend to be the most hectic because the projects seem heavier, deadlines are becoming consecutively closer and timelines are getting shorter. The Student Council Club figured that the students needed a well-earned break from college stress before the dreaded next five weeks of finals kicked in. The result of this brainstorming was the Back to the 90s Picnic.

It started with an idea to bring students and staff together for a strictly stress-free day under the sun. It dawned on us that the last time we were that carefree was when we were kids, and then, there bloomed the 90s theme, to the throwback days of our childhood games and knick-knacks which we grew up with. We figured it was time to bring back the memories for a day before going back to the present. We had our worries – what if people didn’t show up, what if the activities didn’t work out as planned, what if the weather didn’t hold up?
But what a success it was!

We had a lovely venue at the Taman Jaya Park which overlooks the lake with wide open space surrounded by greenery. There was a terrific response by the invited vendors including a customized printing service, Lightbulb Apparel run by our senior, Diane, which offered handcrafted jewellery, a collaboration between bycookieseve x jotato by Eve and Jojo and random knick-knacks from District98 run by Amanda, we also had henna art by one of our brilliant graphic designers, Sangeetha, and lastly, beautiful art prints by Beatrice.

On top of the enthusiastic vendors, we collaborated with IACT Christian Fellowship Club to provide hotdogs. They also organized a fun game of Frisbee. Thanks to them, the guests were well fed and all had a great deal of fun catching Frisbee.
Lastly, not to forget our in-house talents who were ever so happy to perform! We had Agnes Wong, Karmen Lee and Chee Yoong, Teresa Pang and gang, Teresa Tan, #shadaryan and even a duo of our own lecturers, Ms. Ely and Mr. Johar who were, needless to say, the stars of the show.

The turn-out for this event was fantastic. We crossed the three-digit numbers of people even though we had a small problem with the weather. We’re ever so grateful that people came and stayed for this event and above all else, enjoyed themselves. Some people say it really did bring them back to their high school days or when they were growing up; it truly helped them de-stress and the students and staff mingled outside of the campus. Needless to say, this event was a huge success. The response and sportsmanship from the students and staff were amazing and watching them get to know each other outside of the campus and have fun, was the best reward.

The biggest thank you and shout-out goes to the organizing Picnic committee headed by Ryan Yoon and Lee Enyi; Student Council; old and new members; lecturer advisors Ms. Joanna Lee Chin Ai and Ms. Cindy; our external videographers Terry Tay and Jason Chuah and all the students at IACT for their loving support. To more events in the future!

Watch this video to catch a glimpse of the picnic!