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Backed4life In Session BACBACked4Life is a fairly new movement created by BAC Education Group. The goal of the movement is to help people quickly attain new skills without having to pay a hefty sum. The movement started giving their bite sized talks in April and it has been consistently having
talks almost every day ever since.

Offering a wide variety of talks ranging from “Duties As A Company Director” to teaching Mandarin for beginners. This is so that the programme can be of use to anyone that wants to learn courses that are tailored to their own interest for their own personal growth.
The talks span from 2 hours to 3 hours with a break in between. Speakers will give a lecture at the start for the participants to better understand the topic. The talks are then followed up with short activities to test the understanding of the participants.
Not only is our very own Mr. Lawrence is one of the brains behind the programme, he is an active
speaker on various topics spanning from ‘Digital Marketing’ to ‘Dressing and Grooming for Success’. He structures his talks the same way he structures his lectures. For those who are familiar you know how it is, but to those of you who don’t, he’ll give you on the spot exercises just to keep you on your toes.

“I recall for one of the talks, it was for “Acing the Interview”, so many of them wanted me to review their résumé and their video interviews because they very much enjoyed the
talk,” said Mr Lawrence.

“Having talks after a full day of teaching, another three hours, it can feel tiring but it does feel fulflling when you see the change in them,” said Mr Lawrence.
BACked4Life charges RM 6 per course no matter what course you take. There is also an annual membership plan for those who wants to attend all the workshops available. If you are interested, do visit for more information or visit the Backed4Life team at VSQ@Petaling Jaya.
(This article is written by AISYAH HANIM, a student in our Diploma in Mass Communication programme)
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