Baking in Paradise

As you can see from the title, I decided to do something productive for once since the semester break started. Baking has always been my hobby and throughout the years growing up I have considered it as a job opportunity. Haha! It is funny if you think about it, that I am now in an extremely opposite field in my career choice compared to my passion for food.
On this faithful day, I decide to embark on my own journey to bake something worth the calories and to learn a few tricks or so from my talented mother. You know that feeling of being accomplished once you manage to successfully bake something? That is basically the joy I get from baking.

As you can see from the picture above, this glorious concoction includes one of my favourite fruit which is obviously bananas and my favourite thing in the world of chocolates which comes in the form of chocolate chips. You are probably thinking what could be made from these ingredients? It requires the simplest of ingredients any baker would have at home. With all these comes great taste and pleasure. What could be made out of this?

Tada! Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins! If you guessed correctly then you have been baking. Yes, this is indeed my all time guilty pleasure and something I have always indulged myself with. These came out really well and I always like baking the muffins until their tops are brown and crunchy. In my opinion, it brings much more excitement as you bite into it then with the usual muffins.
Well as I said before my mother thought me one of her speciality. These babies can be sold for up to RM 8 a muffin but honestly the cost of making it is much less than that. I would say that my mum has mastered the art of making it. You wouldn’t expect for me to share the recipe and that I will keep you guessing. Well, surprise! Here is the process of making it!

This is part of the recipe. I did not take everything my mum mixed together because it is not meant to be shared. Haha! Just kidding! If you are wondering why there are two bowls of flour, it is because my mum was doing two batches of the recipe for an event the following day.

This machine saves a mountain of energy and time. With the amount of butter that is in this mixture, one can tell that it is pretty devilish!

The black dots in the dough that looks like bugs are not bugs, in case you are wondering. They are actually raisins. Yes, with all the butter, the raisins gives balance to the muffins with a kick of vitamins. This is also the time where we cut the muffins into shapes.

This is arranging the babies on the tray to be baked. Any idea what they are so far? If you guessed cookies then the answer is WRONG!

This is the final product, SCONES! The glorious sight of it as it comes out from hibernating in the oven for quite a while. The smell of butter, as it bakes is indeed divine. This is the end of my baking adventure! Join me next time for more adventures! 🙂