Being a creative is more, not less!

KL Alta Moda 2018 IACT COLLEGE
Rose Quek posing with Singaporean actress Xiang Yun at KL Alta Moda 2018, one of the industry collaborations in IACT COLLEGE

Growing up, IACT student Rose Quek has always wanted to be in the creative communication industry. However, the common notion about the industry has always been rather negative – and her parents didn’t quite agree with the career choice.
“My parents have been saying that Mass Communication or Graphic Design does not bring good income and it is a waste of time because it is not even a career path. Choosing such a career makes us a lesser person than those who take a professional career like law or engineering.” Rose shares.
A graduate of Diploma in Mass Communication, Rose has run many PR campaigns and events throughout her course at IACT College, one of which is the Kuala Lumpur Alta Moda Fashion Show in 2018, a prominent high fashion event in the local scene. Her team and hear were tasked to run the runway show as well as hosting the VIPs like Dato. Jimmy Choo.
“Looking at how far I’ve come and achieved, I often think:  Are we not as good as those in the typical professional courses? No! We are just as good as them but on a different platform.” Rose shares. “There are 3 reasons I figured why being a creative specialist make us no lesser than any other professional jobs, but maybe more!
“First, we work closely with the media which in other words we decide what to offer to the media users. Just like how doctors cure sickness, we craft stories that incite certain emotions and to make the world a better place! We can change perceptions, offer a different worldview with the wide and far-reaching influence of media! See, it goes more than just taking pictures or illustrating images but it is the idea behind it and how it is packaged nicely in different formats. How many people can do that?”
“Secondly, we come out with innovative and creative ideas! As creative communication specialists, we are trained is to see the world from a different perspective every other time. We learned to take different approaches to address the same topics, not only so, we draw insights by meeting new people, exploring unchartered waters and present it to the world via different platforms, be it films, TV programs, writings or events! We technically, serve as the glue that draws people closer, and connects the world together!”
KL Alta Moda 2018 IACT COLLEGE
Rose poses with Dato. Jimmy Choo, Malaysian-born international shoe designer at KL Alta Moda, a high fashion event

“Lastly, we are always open to new challenges. That’s the way forward! It is this kind of adrenaline rush that we face almost every day of our lives. For example, not everyone can run a meaningful event, let alone crisis management – one that requires special training, and this is where we come in. We are the creative problem solvers. It is because of our quick-witted thinking that we are able to come up with solutions. ”
“You see, we offer creative solutions to all the “professional fields” like healthcare, law, engineering, education, and business. Without communicators like us, no one would be able to understand how these fields function! We are the ones who connect the public to their professional services. With that being said, a creative specialist is more, not less! So don’t ever see your dream to pursue this career as anything lower than that.” Rose adds.

(This article was published on 14 March 2019 in The Star Newspaper)

KL Alta Moda 2018 IACT COLLEGE
Rose Quek with a radiance of confidence as she and her classmates were tasked as PR executives for a high fashion event, KL Alta Moda