Can't chill over our win at Kancil!20180730154502

Can't chill over our win at Kancil!

IACT College celebrates the success of our students in the Kancil Award last Friday night for winning 10 awards, including Gold for Best use of Cultur...
House No. 21220170912094302

House No. 212

We used to go to Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan for Chinese New Year. There was one house standing alone in a row of shoplots, a proud legacy of olden t...
On Pit Stop Community Cafe20170327083909

On Pit Stop Community Cafe

salesMarch 27, 20170 comments
Dirty. Disturbed. Deranged. Just a few words mass society uses to relate to the homeless. The word ‘normal’ is not one of them. In recent years, g...
KL’s Hidden Treasures20170313125626

KL’s Hidden Treasures

salesMarch 13, 20170 comments
Shopping malls, hipster cafes, and heavy traffic are not all there is to the bustling (mostly tourist) city of Kuala Lumpur. There is more to the stre...
Perfect Imperfection20161128182925

Perfect Imperfection

salesNovember 28, 20160 comments
How often do We look at ourselves in the mirror How often do We ‘beautify’ ourselves unnecessarily without realizing we needn’t How ...
Back to the 90s20161114194733

Back to the 90s

salesNovember 14, 20160 comments
The last few weeks of the semester tend to be the most hectic because the projects seem heavier, deadlines are becoming consecutively closer and timel...
The Art of Pencils20161108183120

The Art of Pencils

salesNovember 8, 20160 comments
Contrary to popular belief, just because you do graphic design, it does not necessarily mean you have fantastic drawing skills. Graphic design is such...
Art and Chairs20160911211004

Art and Chairs

salesSeptember 11, 20160 comments
If it’s blank, it’s a canvas. That’s my philosophy, and as it turns out, the owner of a new cafe in town was on the same page with me. And [&hel...