Can't chill over our win at Kancil!20180730154502

Can't chill over our win at Kancil!

IACT College celebrates the success of our students in the Kancil Award last Friday night for winning 10 awards, including Gold for Best use of Cultur...
Nurturing Passion for Graphic Design20170421150810

Nurturing Passion for Graphic Design

shahApril 21, 20170 comments
Victoriya Titova, born in Uzbekistan and raised in Malaysia, enrolled in IACT College as a Graphic Design student in 2014. “I wanted a Graphic Desig...
IACT x Scoolers Award20170318081419

IACT x Scoolers Award

shahMarch 18, 20170 comments
IACT College shone brightly at the recent Scoolers Award by winning 10 prizes in various categories including Best Art Direction, Best Design, Best Pu...
Nurturing Winning Talents20160811192638

Nurturing Winning Talents

shahAugust 11, 20160 comments
“A COMPETITIVE spirit is what keeps good designers on their toes,” stated Graphics Design Programme Leader of IACT College Queenie Yaw. She always...
Creativity Brings Success20160218164821

Creativity Brings Success

shahFebruary 18, 20160 comments
Kyle Soong has always dreamt that he can change the world through filmmaking. Soong’s journey began at IACT College as a Diploma in Broadcasting stu...
1 Competition, 3 Awards20160202121746

1 Competition, 3 Awards

shahFebruary 2, 20160 comments
In early October 2015, IACT students clinched not just 1 but 3 awards at The Star’s English for More Opportunities (EFMO) short film competition. It...
Poster Design Winners20150213145225

Poster Design Winners

shahFebruary 13, 20150 comments
Can Local Students Succeed in the Global Arena? Wednesday, February 11th, 2015 – Despite what many describes as an inferior education system to ...
Award Winners20141226145155

Award Winners

shahDecember 26, 20140 comments
IACT College has redefined the role of its lectures by adopting a subtle philosophy of “IACT Cares” and implementing Project-based Learning (PBL) ...