shahNovember 29, 20160 comments
Collecteral was an exhibition which was presenting a selection of print collaterals collected from all over the world which was contributed by local d...
The Little Things20161108184226

The Little Things

shahNovember 8, 20160 comments
Last Monday, our photography class visited Pasar Seni and its surroundings. We were challenged to look past the big picture and look into the smaller ...
Unbound Camp20161103183127

Unbound Camp

shahNovember 3, 20160 comments
I had the honor of organizing a camp, called Unbound, for high school students that took place in September. My role was a part of the publicity and d...


shahOctober 21, 20160 comments
During my first semester break, I went for a holiday with my parents to China. My dad was the one who always planned our vacations. He isn’t fond of...
Creativity Begins When You Stop Procrastinating20160911230826

Creativity Begins When You Stop Procrastinating

shahSeptember 11, 20160 comments
Never give laziness a moment to influence you. This week was interesting. It was the night before the presentation deadline, and I still hadn’t fini...