Student Gains: My Take on IACT College20170526183141

Student Gains: My Take on IACT College

It’s my final leg of my Diploma course in IACT. In light of certain events my college may have been put in the hot seat on certain issues. Sure, the...
Student Gains – Never Settle20161102172148

Student Gains – Never Settle

salesNovember 2, 20160 comments
A lot of times in life, many of us find ourselves sitting in a very safe circle – the comfort zone. It’s a place we fall in because we’re either...
FIRSTS: The Cooler Lumpur Festival20161018150047

FIRSTS: The Cooler Lumpur Festival

salesOctober 18, 20160 comments
If the title above rings a bell then you are super awesome! For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, the Cooler Lumpur Festival is ...


salesSeptember 15, 20160 comments
This semester I had the opportunity to do something I could only ever imagined of doing – spoken word poetry. Being a woman of the pen and paper, I ...