Can't chill over our win at Kancil!20180730154502

Can't chill over our win at Kancil!

IACT College celebrates the success of our students in the Kancil Award last Friday night for winning 10 awards, including Gold for Best use of Cultur...
How do you perceive design?20170314110940

How do you perceive design?

salesMarch 14, 20170 comments
A few days back, I was at an outing with a bunch of friends. I took out my design brief, notebook, pen and started jotting down ideas, writing my rati...
Write, Paint, Journal20161121000133

Write, Paint, Journal

salesNovember 21, 20160 comments
This is an item that’s part of my daily life which I carry with me everywhere. It’s PVC, not leather, it’s not Japan’s premier stationery desi...
Travel Back in Time20161108190549

Travel Back in Time

salesNovember 8, 20160 comments
Had my first try shooting in studio for photography final assignment. (ft. Adelle) Trust me, I was exziiiiitedd that I can’t spell excited. Here’s...
Malacca Trip20160915112527

Malacca Trip

salesSeptember 15, 20160 comments
Introducing the housemates Siyu and Xindy. Now I would call them friends. *Heart* During one random weekend, we decided to visit Malacca which is also...