My Inspiration To Creativity20170804191204

My Inspiration To Creativity

“Only sky is the limit!” That, to me, is how far creativity can go – no limits. People say that creative thinking is thinking outside th...
My Love Affair with Cakes20170721114349

My Love Affair with Cakes

salesJuly 21, 2017, , 0 comments
To be honest, I felt worried and afraid at first because I am a person who finds it hard to adapt to a new environment. College life is very different...
My inspiration to creativity20170718105819

My inspiration to creativity

salesJuly 18, 20170 comments
What is Creativity? We have often heard about it, but do we really understand the meaning behind it? Creativity is an act of unleashing the potential ...
Where I Found the Outside20170707183558

Where I Found the Outside

salesJuly 7, 20170 comments
“What inspires you?” I was asked this question about a week ago, and while I had an answer, I didn’t reply, not because I didn’t want to respo...
My Pursuit as a Singer / Musician20170630185303

My Pursuit as a Singer / Musician

Hi all, it’s Gaston Pong! I’m in the final semester of Diploma in Mass Communication with IACT College.Among the many assignments this semeste...
4 Photos, 2 Stories20170608000036

4 Photos, 2 Stories

salesJune 8, 20170 comments
Hello new semester, hello new subjects, hello new and more challenging assignments! This semester, I’m taking a rather interesting and engrossing su...
Volunteering at #SeaShorts Film Festival20170607234729

Volunteering at #SeaShorts Film Festival

salesJune 7, 20170 comments
#Seashorts Film Festival is the first ever short film festival ever held in Malaysia! #SeaShorts aims to celebrate short films throughout South East A...
What A Fun Video Production20170602185705

What A Fun Video Production

Well for starters, to be honest, producing a video isn’t a piece of cake. A large amount of blood, sweat, and tears contributes to a successful and ...
Student Gains: My Take on IACT College20170526183141

Student Gains: My Take on IACT College

It’s my final leg of my Diploma course in IACT. In light of certain events my college may have been put in the hot seat on certain issues. Sure, the...
Making Creative Waves with Project ImPossible20170511100213

Making Creative Waves with Project ImPossible

salesMay 11, 20170 comments
IACT College has always been about discovering and nurturing creativity. As part of the effort to inspire endless creativity within oneself, Project I...