A taste of Journalism20170505173316

A taste of Journalism

salesMay 5, 20170 comments
One of the many great things about being in IACT is the industry exposure we get to enjoy. On the 13th of March, we manage to meet a successful millen...
Insightful Talks by Industry Professionals20170413125740

Insightful Talks by Industry Professionals

salesApril 13, 20170 comments
Last semester, I had the subject Publicity & Media Relations with lecturer Ms Yen Ling. In this short semester of 3 months, we got to sit in 2 tal...
Paws Media Campaign20170413125553

Paws Media Campaign

salesApril 13, 20170 comments
Last semester, we had an assignment to craft a media campaign for an organisation of our choice in groups. For this assignment, our lecturer grouped u...
Charity Project at Rumah Impian20170327090914

Charity Project at Rumah Impian

salesMarch 27, 20170 comments
In January, my friends and I went to visit a home called Rumah Impian. It was a charity project that we were involved in and I want to share my [&hell...
The Maggie Project20170327090708

The Maggie Project

salesMarch 27, 20170 comments
We had been given the opportunity to work with clients although we were only in the first semester. The Maggie Project happens to be my favourite as I...
On Pit Stop Community Cafe20170327083909

On Pit Stop Community Cafe

salesMarch 27, 20170 comments
Dirty. Disturbed. Deranged. Just a few words mass society uses to relate to the homeless. The word ‘normal’ is not one of them. In recent years, g...
Creativity Never Ends20170321111647

Creativity Never Ends

salesMarch 21, 20170 comments
In December 2016, my family and I went to a DIY Playground which was set up by this very special person, Mr. Tan (not real name, as he prefers to [&he...
IACT x Scoolers Award20170318081419

IACT x Scoolers Award

salesMarch 18, 20170 comments
IACT College shone brightly at the recent Scoolers Award by winning 10 prizes in various categories including Best Art Direction, Best Design, Best Pu...


salesMarch 15, 20170 comments
  My journalism lecturer, Ms. Joanna LSH gave me a book recently. The theme was about love if I may add. Her kind gesture was truly out of the bl...
Fairytale Gone Rogue  20170315114757

Fairytale Gone Rogue  

salesMarch 15, 20170 comments
For my class’ Computer Graphics final assignment, we were to create a movie poster for a fairytale of our choice. We could change the theme or genre...