The First Sprout20160911232345

The First Sprout

salesSeptember 11, 20160 comments
Before I came into IACT college, I was just an ordinary Taylor’s University boy. I was born and raised there ever since I could remembered; and by t...
Creativity Begins When You Stop Procrastinating20160911230826

Creativity Begins When You Stop Procrastinating

salesSeptember 11, 20160 comments
Never give laziness a moment to influence you. This week was interesting. It was the night before the presentation deadline, and I still hadn’t fini...
Art and Chairs20160911211004

Art and Chairs

salesSeptember 11, 20160 comments
If it’s blank, it’s a canvas. That’s my philosophy, and as it turns out, the owner of a new cafe in town was on the same page with me. And [&hel...
Are You a Multipotentialite?20160811191953

Are You a Multipotentialite?

salesAugust 11, 20160 comments
My mother used to nag me about being a Jack of all Trades… and not specialising in one particular area. But back then I guess she did not understand...