Can't chill over our win at Kancil!20180730154502

Can't chill over our win at Kancil!

IACT College celebrates the success of our students in the Kancil Award last Friday night for winning 10 awards, including Gold for Best use of Cultur...


salesNovember 21, 20160 comments
With October over, it marks the end to Halloween’s trick or treating and the many Harley Quinn costume on-line posts. However if you were an artist,...
Baby of a Work20161104003903

Baby of a Work

salesNovember 4, 20160 comments
The all-nighters, the irregular eating time, the back aching feeling of staring at a monitor, you get my point. Any student in the world should know t...


salesOctober 20, 20160 comments
So it’s the semester break right now and that means it’s reflection time! Throughout my first semester, there were 2 assignments that I felt the m...
Clutch Time20160915192738

Clutch Time

salesSeptember 15, 20160 comments
Final week, no problem-o, just 7 more days till fiesta time, except for one tinsy little problem… I’M NECK DEEP IN WORK!!! At his point, every min...
The First Sprout20160911232345

The First Sprout

salesSeptember 11, 20160 comments
Before I came into IACT college, I was just an ordinary Taylor’s University boy. I was born and raised there ever since I could remembered; and by t...