4 Photos, 2 Stories20170608000036

4 Photos, 2 Stories

salesJune 8, 20170 comments
Hello new semester, hello new subjects, hello new and more challenging assignments! This semester, I’m taking a rather interesting and engrossing su...
Volunteering at #SeaShorts Film Festival20170607234729

Volunteering at #SeaShorts Film Festival

salesJune 7, 20170 comments
#Seashorts Film Festival is the first ever short film festival ever held in Malaysia! #SeaShorts aims to celebrate short films throughout South East A...
What A Fun Video Production20170602185705

What A Fun Video Production

Well for starters, to be honest, producing a video isn’t a piece of cake. A large amount of blood, sweat, and tears contributes to a successful and ...


salesMarch 15, 20170 comments
  My journalism lecturer, Ms. Joanna LSH gave me a book recently. The theme was about love if I may add. Her kind gesture was truly out of the bl...
Fairytale Gone Rogue  20170315114757

Fairytale Gone Rogue  

salesMarch 15, 20170 comments
For my class’ Computer Graphics final assignment, we were to create a movie poster for a fairytale of our choice. We could change the theme or genre...
Malaysia Fashion Week 201620161129190833

Malaysia Fashion Week 2016

salesNovember 29, 20160 comments
Yes, I can totally check ‘going to MFW’ off my bucket list because I actually did it! I went, conquered and was absolutely amazed at the end of th...
A Visit to the Parliament20161121003748

A Visit to the Parliament

salesNovember 21, 20160 comments
A few days ago, my class and I organized a trip to the Malaysian Parliament for our Pengajian Malaysia class. It was a study trip but it felt more lik...
Art Expo Malaysia Plus20161108182044

Art Expo Malaysia Plus

salesNovember 8, 20160 comments
The art enthusiast in me was bursting at the seams as I made my way to MATRADE Exhibition and Convention Centre. I went to the Art Expo Malaysia Plus ...
Pit Stop for Inspiration20161028132543

Pit Stop for Inspiration

salesOctober 28, 20160 comments
29 August 2016: Our First Encounter My siblings and I had a little field trip to Malaysia’s China Town and somehow we stumbled upon Pit Stop Cafe. I...