A taste of Journalism20170505173316

A taste of Journalism

salesMay 5, 20170 comments
One of the many great things about being in IACT is the industry exposure we get to enjoy. On the 13th of March, we manage to meet a successful millen...
Baking in Paradise20161121004349

Baking in Paradise

salesNovember 21, 20160 comments
As you can see from the title, I decided to do something productive for once since the semester break started. Baking has always been my hobby and thr...
Presentation, Presentation, Presentation!20161019105236

Presentation, Presentation, Presentation!

salesOctober 19, 20160 comments
Today was the day I braved myself for two presentations. Thursdays are usually a very busy day for Foundation students of my batch due to the full day...
Mission Success20160915193508

Mission Success

salesSeptember 15, 20160 comments
Finally after years of curiosity, I can finally know how fashion photos are taken. To be behind the scenes was amazing. I woke up that particular morn...