Charity Project at Rumah Impian

In January, my friends and I went to visit a home called Rumah Impian. It was a charity project that we were involved in and I want to share my first experience serving the poor. First and foremost, I would say that I was not really prepared to do anything big since it’s my first time but at the same time I wanted to bring an impact to the kids there. So, I struggled a bit on planning the activities I thought the kids would the like. It took me a few days before the idea came to me that since I am studying in a creative college, why not bring some creativity into the children’s lives?
Therefore, I came out with arts and crafts since they were between the ages of 6 to 16. We gave them the freedom to do their own bookmarks where we will later pick out the best bookmark among them. It may seem like a little thing but the expression shown on the kids’ faces was one that I will never forget. They like how they make their own bookmark which no one will have the same and they are proud of the designs they came out with. They also like the fact that they are creative in their own way.
I chose Mass Communication but at times I do think to myself, whether I made the right choice or is this the field that I want to work in? These were my thoughts before I saw the kids. I realised that I may not be good in certain subjects or in certain group assignments but if I’m willing to learn, I can make the best out of myself. So helping these unfortunate children taught me to look ahead and not taunt myself for the mistakes I have done but learn and somehow life will turn out better eventually.
Thank you.