During my first semester break, I went for a holiday with my parents to China. My dad was the one who always planned our vacations. He isn’t fond of going with a tour group. He always said, “They never stop long enough for you to take in the scenery”. Therefore, we travelled in China at our own leisure pace but without the comforts of a tour group, having to find our own transport, accommodation and food. It became a real adventure!
I believe travel is necessary in developing a creative mind. Being exposed to new cultures and lifestyle, expand one’s thinking and encourage learning. It is difficult to gain knowledge by staying in the box of familiarity. Travelling takes you out of that box.
For example, we came across many people in China – as you would expect to in a country with 1.4 billion people. Instead of the rude, phlegm-spitting people, we had the privilege to meet some of the most genuine and helpful people. Thanks to kind shopkeepers and friendly citizens, I leaped out of the box of the Chinese stigma into a beautiful country full of beautiful people.
Here are some photos of that.

All photos were taken with a DSLR and edited on the VSCO app.