Clutch Time

Final week, no problem-o, just 7 more days till fiesta time, except for one tinsy little problem… I’M NECK DEEP IN WORK!!! At his point, every minute, heck, every second counts. If I don’t start clutching, my mom is going to strangle me! All of this wouldn’t have happened if I only didn’t underestimate this course along with having the worse time management practise in the world.

When I was rushing and slogging through my work, one thought kept ringing in my head (excluding the thought of me feeling like a zombie from overworking), which was a quote from my lecturer. It goes something like “If you planned your time properly, you can also plan when to be lazy and when to procrastinate.” That kept resonating in my head.
Although I can’t do it now or go back in time to slap myself in the face to do it. I can however save my future self so I won’t have to go through the same hell, kinda like a hard reset.

“Stop eating ketchup…”
So next semester, this newbie ain’t gonna be fresh no more, and he won’t make the same mistake again, probably will grow a moustache too. Sigh… I just can’t wait for my planned lazy time… Welp! Back to clutch time!