Collecteral was an exhibition which was presenting a selection of print collaterals collected from all over the world which was contributed by local designers and hosted by the Design Union Malaysia organisation. Out of curiosity, my classmates and I took a trip to the venues at Jalan Hang Kasturi, KL to learn what we could from the exhibition.
Here are some photos of what went down.

With an entry fee of RM8, we were given passbooks that we could stamp various stamps on.

The main hall – print was placed neatly on large rolls of paper. I loved the feel of the place. It was really aesthetic.

Some of the prints collected by various designers.

A class photo.
Overall the exhibition though slightly small, was a sight for sore eyes. As a design student, I hope to see more local art exhibitions/initiatives. Our current art scene isn’t very inspiring, but I do believe it’s growing and improving and that’s a good thing. After all, I’m surrounded with talented college mates.