Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Media, Culture and (3+0) Communication - IACT College
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Media, Culture and (3+0) Communication
Level Undergraduate
Intakes January, June, August & November
Study Mode Full Time /
Duration 3 Years
Institution IACT
Awarding Body IACT College & University Of Sunderland


Laynisha Vijayaraj

IACT has an equal balance of in-class theory and hands-on practical that prepares us for the industry. But most importantly, it’s not just a place of education. It’s where lecturers are your friends and friends are your family.

Sara Kok Truong Linh

My degree education in IACT allowed me to make connections and dig deeper into what "media" could be. As a degree student, we were required to research and examine what ethical and effective media should look like, and apply that later on in our careers.


We have been offering this programme for over 7 years.

It is a statement that expresses your interest in your selected field of study. Your personal statement must be least 500 words long and must include the following information:

- What inspired you to select this field
- Why you would like to study the field selected
- What knowledge and skills you hope to acquire
- How it could benefit you in the future

It means you will pursue all 3 years of degree education in Malaysia.

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