Diploma in Broadcasting and Film - IACT College
Diploma in Broadcasting and Film
Level Diploma
Intakes January, April, June, August & November
Study Mode Full Time /
Duration 2.5 Years
Institution IACT
Awarding Body IACT College


Christine Nai

Through the project based learning offered to me through the Diploma in Broadcasting & Film it has allowed me to grasp a better understanding within the overall scope of the production industry. With great lecturers to assist me during my time of study, they have supported and opened doors for me which is a great opportunity that no student should miss.


It has been offered for over 10 years.

The course is project-based and you will get to experience real-life industry projects through out your studies. You will get to work on a full short film production during your final semester. Our classes are all workshop-based to enhance your learning experience.

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