Creativity Begins Young

27th February wasn’t your usual Saturday morning as students from secondary schools across Klang Valley flocked to IACT College for our editorial boot camp 2016. The boot-camp offered a simulation of the creative communication industry to the participants, especially in the world of Broadcasting where pre-production (scriptwriting, storyboarding and recce), production (directing and filming) and post-production (editing) occurs in phases. This boot camp helped participants to discover their creative talents and interests while briefing them on industry expectations.
The boot camp kick-started with an introduction by Ms. Natasha, a senior lecturer at IACT College, on the history of editorial along with creative writing tips. She emphasised that editing does not only apply to magazines and the publishing industry but can also be widely applied in the world of communications. Broadcasting and video & audio production, for instance, are industries where edits are crucial in scripts. Under the tutelage of Ms. Natasha, the participants were to craft a story based on the given theme – Life.
After the story-crafting phase was completed, the participants proceeded to the basic tenets of filming where they used their smartphones to shoot their story. Segregated into groups, the students filmed their short stories within the IACT College campus using a variety of shooting locations ranging from the library to classrooms to the main lobby and the cafeteria. The fun did not end there as the participants had one final round to accomplish – the editing phase, which they were required to edit the videos using their smartphones. The final videos were then posted on IACT College’s Facebook page. Although the jduges chose three schools as the winners of the competition, each group created incredible videos in terms of sheer effort and creativity.
People always say that “Youth is wasted on the young,” but we, at IACT College, believe that “Creativity is harvested from the young,” as it is the period of time when youngsters are filled with curiosity and are open-minded to solving problems and creating solutions, thereby using creativity to sate their sense of curiosity.
IACT_Editorial_Boot_Camp_video-storyline-brainstorm  IACT_Editorial_Boot_Camp_video-storyline-brainstorm IACT_Editorial_Boot_Camp_video-storyline-brainstorm IACT_Editorial_Boot_Camp_video-storyline-brainstorm IACT_Editorial_Boot_Camp_video-storyline-brainstorm IACT_Editorial_Boot_Camp_video-storyline-brainstorm
Brainstorming session on video storyline