Creativity in Business

THE man behind premium brands The Roof, LifeJuice and The New Camp, Roen Cian is another IACT College alumnus making waves in the industry.
“All the business I do is driven by passion,” said Cian.
“I enjoy seeing people having a good time at a party, and I play a part in making it happen.
“Therefore, I run restaurants and bars; I love football and a healthy diet. That was why I created New Camp, a football and fitness centre; and LifeJuice, Malaysia first fresh juice franchise using cold-press method.”
Cian, the director of the group that owns all these businesses, shared what drives him as an entrepreneur. It is not hard to identify the distinctiveness of each business that Cian runs. Each is well-positioned, branded and intelligently marketed to make an immediate impression on its target audience’s mind. Cian gives credit of his success to the creative and critical mind he garnered back in his earlier days, which was further sharpened as he pursued his Diploma in Mass Communication in IACT College, the creative communication specialist college.
“What I loved about my time at IACT College was that it’s a close-knit community. I met many great people whom I can call friends for life.”
Even though Cian was not the best in his class academically, he was outstanding enough to impress his lecturers back then.
“Critical or creative thinking can be somewhat rebellious. That is, you never take ‘no’ for an answer,” he said.
“You would keep asking ‘why not’ and try to prove people wrong for saying ‘no’ to you. I was that kind of person, my friends were too, and IACT College provided an environment for us to be rebellious in a creative way,” Cian shared.
That explains why Cian is able to have niche and diversified business strategies that make him stand out from his competitors. Take The Roof, for example. Located in a premise of 52,000sq ft and 4,830sq m on First Avenue Bandar Utama, Cian and his partners cut it into eight different outlets that target different groups of customers from different income and age groups. It offers a wide range of dining experiences from a posh open-air rooftop bar to a Chinese restaurant and a gourmet cafe.
“It’s all about targeting different pockets of people. In the current economy, you have to be creative enough to diversify your businesses in order to survive,” Cian shared the secret of his thriving business.
“It’s a people business. One subject I learnt in IACT College that I still find very helpful is ‘consumer behaviour’. Most of my energy spent on business strategising is to study the behaviour of our target audience and see how to make it work for our business.”
Cian also explained how his college education laid the foundation for his entrepreneurship.
“I had very passionate lecturers who were not there for the money, but for the passion and interest of the industry. I recall a lecturer who worked in Marketing. He would show up in the evening after work just to give us lectures – that’s how professional the training was.”
When asked if he has any advice for people who want to start a business, Cian shared, “Try to have a very original and creative idea, then embrace it and believe it to the core of your bone. It’s very important because there will be people who will put you down. Therefore, look for people who believe the same as you, communicate with them and know for sure why you are in it for, then set a mutual goal. Finally, follow it through, don’t let it stay as an idea. Put it to work.”

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