Creativity Never Ends

In December 2016, my family and I went to a DIY Playground which was set up by this very special person, Mr. Tan (not real name, as he prefers to remain anonymous).
This playground, located in Batu Pahat, Johor, is built on Mr. Tan’s land and he crafts most of the play items out of wood, wires, steel. He has also bought trampolines and many other items for the playground. Everything about this place feels so special and Mr. Tan doesn’t charge to use the facilities. Children and parents can come together to spend time here.
Every playground we had been to had kids and parents who are often sitting around playing with their phones.  In this DIY Playground, however, adults can play along too.
The reason why I chose to write on this subject is to highlight that creativity is in everyone. It’s up to us to either expand on it or not. I have often thought that I wasn’t creative enough and often stopped myself from pursuing my ideas further. When I saw this playground though, I realised that creativity never stops or gets old. Mr. Tan, currently in his late 60s is still making beautiful things using his creativity.
In a nutshell, I learned that creativity is in everyone and allowing yourself to embrace it can make things you never thought possible happen.
DIY Play Ground Batu Pahat 1 DIY Play Ground Batu Pahat 2(Sorry about the blur picture, it was taken when this boy was flying down). Imagine a flying fox in a playground. It is made from the wire and the seat is made out of wood that is connected to the steel rail.
DIY Play Ground Batu Pahat 3This is a two-wheeled vehicle. Mr. Tan made it out of wood to let children have a feel of how it works. The children loved it as they got to feel how trishaw pullers earned their living by transporting people with this vehicle.
DIY Play Ground Batu Pahat 4How about a ‘Flying boat’? It was so much fun and you get the exact feeling as if you were on one at a fun fair. This boat allows a family to ride together and it is a self-service ‘flying boat’. You have to pull the strings in order to let the boat swing. DIY Play Ground Batu Pahat 5Swinging tyres makes children very happy. The exercising equipment here is also hand-made. Children can play on the see saw while their parents can work out on the exercise machines. Isn’t this fascinating? DIY Play Ground Batu Pahat 6What about giant slides that make your heart excited?DIY Play Ground Batu Pahat 7Everything about this playground is fun and it’s the Mr. Tan and his friends’ that has brought joy to children and their parents. Thank you Mr. Tan