My Inspiration To Creativity

“Only sky is the limit!”
That, to me, is how far creativity can go – no limits. People say that creative thinking is thinking outside the box. But where is the box? To me, the box is where what society categorize as “normal”. In simple terms, creativity to me is basically what society calls “weird”.
Creativity is something we all possess. We’re just afraid of speaking out our ideas because we’re just scared of our ideas being judged as weird, not being good enough.

Creativity comes from many different inspirations. As for my inspiration to creativity, I always love to question – “Why Not?”.

I mean seriously, why not? Why not just mix everything up? Why not add a little something to it? Why not start by doing this? Because the thing about creativity is that there’s no right or wrong way of doing things. So why not? In the end of the day, no matter how weird the suggestion was, it is still creativity. Creativity begins by weird ideas. And I like weird ideas. I mean, why not right?

These are what I did for my Creative Thinking class, a compulsory subject for everyone in their 1st Semester with IACT College 🙂
Lennon Tan Bullshitology Lennon Tan Moon Sandwich
Hope you get how bizarre our class can get, and we love it!