Creativity, Plied by Passion

It’s finally here.
7th December 2015.
Petaling Jaya – Gathered nervously at VSQ Tower, Graphic Design students of IACT College faced their final challenge – a public showcase where their entire course portfolio is subjected to public viewing and scrutiny. Though it was their final assignment, for some of them this was their first showcase of many to come. It was a chance for them to flaunt their creativity – from craft to design, ideas to big campaigns some based on briefs conceptualised in class and some on real life client-projects.
This public showcase attracted not just their peers but also industry professionals from creative industries. “Students are trained to develop hard skills through practical classes and projects but they are also trained in soft skills, because as designers we all need to communicate our ideas,” Queenie Yaw – Senior Lecturer shared. “Yes, creativity is important, but communication – crucial. Final products speak for themselves but the creator needs to present it. A good designer has to understand the needs and problems of a brief and through creativity, design a better solution and pitch them across through a convincing presentation.”
“I am truly impressed by the quality of students work. In fact I have just offered one of them a job” – quipped LV Managing Director of Monster Interactive. Students at IACT College are trained to inject versatility into their concepts and designs. They are exposed to various industries within the programme. For instance, Creative Thinking, Mass Communication and Presentation Skills are core subjects that are fundamental to versatility. They instil within students out-of-box-creativity, confidence and understanding which prepares them for the working world.
Students are also exposed to more hands-on practices where they work with real clients from the creative industries. Founded and endorsed by industry professionals, IACT College constantly collaborates with industry experts producing Project-Based Learning (PBL) subjects, which students work with real clients and engage in industry led assignments. Under the strict guidance of industry professionals as lecturers, IACT ensures the students’ works meet industry standards and are of high quality.
All in all, IACT offers a holistic approach to equip its students with knowledge and skills enabling them to achieve success in the working world. With 60 awards won since 2012 and 96% of IACT graduates are employed in the creative communication industry within 6 months of graduation, it is evident that creativity DOES begin here at IACT.
IACT Diploma in Graphic Design Students & Lecturers IACT Diploma in Graphic Design Students & Lecturers
IACT Diploma in Graphic Design Students & Lecturers