Creativity × Assignment

IACT is a specialist creative communication college. In order to do well here, being creative is essential.
It is a challenge when, for example, three separate assignments need to be dealt with simultaneously. This is where your creativity, determination, and time management become essential in order to reduce the burden and stress of the workload.
For our final presentation, were given a task to design motivational postcards for cancer patients. The assignment brief required us to create an original postcard design. It really took a lot of brainstorming from the five of us at first, as we also had many others assignments that required our attention, our time to complete each feeling further pinched. This is where creativity is really needed. I recalled a friend of mine who was a photography buff. After a lengthy group discussion, we decided to procure acquire our photographs from him. Our creativity here, simply outsourcing our material, helped us complete our task as required. Below are some of the postcards that we made.