De Montfort University comes on board

IACT College De Montfort University partnership degree UK malaysia
On 10th April, the team from De Montfort University led by Vice-Chancellor for International, Mr. James Gardner and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Mr. Andrew Collup visited IACT College campus in Petaling Jaya. The purpose of the visit was to sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with IACT College in order to strengthen their partnership with us as one of their overseas partner universities.
Mr. Raja Singham, the Managing Director of BAC Education Group represented IACT College to sign the MOU, together with him was the Chief Operating Officer of IACT College, Mr. Lawrence Chan; Academic Director, Ms. Nalena Balachandran; Manager of Academic Services, Ms. Loges Kathireson and the Director of Admission and Marketing, Mr. Patrick Wong.

IACT College De Montfort University partnership degree UK
Mr. James Gardner and Mr. Raja Singham shook hands after the signing of MOU between De Montfort University and IACT College

Mr. Gardner stressed on the academic excellence and social welfare initiatives by De Montfort University, a passion mutually shared by IACT College as well. “We’ve received quite a number of great students from IACT College and we could tell the college has put in a lot of effort in training their students to rise above the challenges from the industry”, Mr. Gardner shared.
“We are glad to partner with De Montfort University, a UK university that shares very similar philosophy and passion as IACT College!” Mr. Raja Singham says. “Through the many initiatives under the BAC Education Group, we focus on producing graduates with global impact. Therefore, we are always on the look-out for university partners that can further enrich our students from that they receive here.”
Graduates from IACT College can now continue their degree with DeMontfort University in the area of Advertising, Marketing and Design. There will be more articulations for IACT graduates to continue their undergraduate and postgraduate studies to their campus in Leicester, UK.
IACT College De Montfort University partnership degree UK malaysia