Demand for Young Talents

It is no secret that the marketing and advertising industry needs to invest in developing creative talents. According to a study recently published by the Advertising+Marketing Malaysia, the online hiring for Advertising, Marketing & Communications professionals saw an increased demand between May 2015 and June 2015. It also reflects to be the only industry to have seen an improvement whereas all other industries are witnessing dramatic declines in online hiring.
In response to the continued demand for high-quality creative and marketing professionals, IACT College is proud to introduce their latest UK degree programme – BA (Hons) Advertising and Design 3+0, in collaboration with the University of Sunderland, U.K.
According to Hor Suet Foong, Principal of IACT College, “We are the only institution that offers a degree programme that combines the discipline of advertising and design. The programme curriculum is designed by the University of Sunderland to immediately meet employers’ demand for high-potential creative talents that can help bring the industry up to the next level. The programme structure mimics the creative process in a typical advertising agency, and provides students both strategic thinking and creative direction training to help widen their future job scope.”
Alicia Benoy, an IACT College senior lecturer for the BA (Hons) Advertising and Design 3+0 programme and with more than 25 years of industry experience said, “From my experience with the advertising and creative industry, there is a constant shortage of creative talents who are able to design entire marketing campaigns from ground-up, and this degree programme will certainly fulfill industry demand for creative talents.”
Besides lectures and tutorials, students can also expect agency visits and critiques from industry professionals from time to time. With its connection to the industry and the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents of Malaysia (4As), industry support comes relatively easier to IACT College than other academic institutions. Benoy adds, “These activities will help students get a closer look at the work environment and develop the right attitudes towards the advertising industry.”
William Chien, Senior Creative at M&C Saatchi agreed that having the right attitude goes a long way in the industry. “We, as seniors, always love to guide and share our experiences with the up-and-coming art directors and writers. But, the attitude of the new generations is crucial. A lot of new talents might have the wrong impression of this industry. It’s not like the television series, Mad Men. All creative talents have to invest a lot of hard work, time and sacrifices. You (young generation) might have great talent, but the attitude of those I have encountered really needs a ‘rebranding’.”
Recently, two IACT College design students graduated with first class honours from the University of Sunderland, United Kingdom. Aki Fong Chui Yin and Christie Chuang Xin Yi obtained a BA (Hons) in Advertising and Design. According to Aki, she describes the programme as to master her creativity in generating strategies, ideas and craft, “My programme leader, provided guidance of what the working world wants to see in our portfolio book. This has benefited me with the knowledge of what the industry or job market is looking for and what I could do to increase my employability”.
As for Christie, the programme had pushed her to fulfill her utmost potential. “I challenged myself on creating new ideas for brand advertisements & campaigns, as well as focusing on planning the research and developments of the idea that may help people understand the process of the work.” She also added, “It isn’t about completing assignments, but to be fully absorbed in self-improvement for creative thinking and skills even when you are not in class. Always check out and get updated with good recent advertisements and design ideas to understand why they are successful in reaching their audiences. Do think about seeking criticisms for your ideas from different type of people as you may improve from there too.” Aki also agrees: it’s all about self-discovery, “be interested, watch everything, read everything. Be inspired and have the passion to persist in doing what you love.”
Wong Jia Li, an IACT College alumni and graduate of the BA (Hons) Advertising and Design programme, is currently a Creative (writer) at Leo Burnett, also shared her experiences of the programme, “I learned to structure my thinking better when it comes to ideation and being involved in the creative process. I liked how the programme gave me ample room to explore different creative directions. Upon completing my Diploma at IACT College, I wanted to further my study in Advertising and Design, and this programme was what I was looking for. It has nurtured me to where I am today.”
Whilst there are other similarly titled degree programmes available in Malaysia, IACT College’s BA (Hons) Advertising and Design 3+0 programme is internationally recognised, and fully assessed by University of Sunderland to ensure a standardised quality in results. Each module is delivered by lecturers with relevant industry and academic experience, approved by University of Sunderland and MQA.
The degree programme is not set to provide worker bees to the workforce, but to produce the best creative talents for the future advertising industry. Both University of Sunderland and IACT College believe in nurturing Malaysia’s aspiring creative talents in order to help them pursue their passions and fulfill their dreams.
IACT College Photo1_BA Adv and Design student at Dentsu Utama IACT College Photo2_BA Adv and Design student at Dentsu Utama
BA (Hons) Advertising and Design 3+0 IACT College Students’ Agency Visit at Dentsu Utama Office
IACT College Photo3_Christie Chuang pasting creative ideas
Aki and Christie (in photo) daily paste up their “creative ideas” in attempting to highlight or visualise fresh strategy or brand. To them the experience is only wonderful when their idea meets beyond our expectation.