Editorial Boot Camp 2015

Finally, IACT College has its very own annual editorial workshop that offers more to writing lovers.
IACT College embarked on a new tradition on April 22, 2015 with the debut of its Editorial Boot Camp 2015 nicknamed Edit. Specially designed to educate editorial members in secondary schools how to construct and execute effective publications from newsletter, magazine and yearbook, 100 students from 10 schools as far as Genting Highlands turned up at our much beloved IACT gallery.
Lecturers Natasha Mohd Hishamudin and Alce Patricia conducted the intensive 5-hour hands-on session which covered the fundamentals all writing enthusiasts should know from a non-digital approach: from understanding the basics of meaningful design, the elements of exciting – and disastrous – covers and page layouts, through to creating simple yet imaginative content that can further enhance any school publication.
“The whole idea of Edit was to give them a taste of professionalism and what the industry would expect,” described Mohd Hishamudin, lecturer in Journalism and Media Writing. “The difference between what they already know with what we shared is how to deliver a publication that can sustain, or even compete in the publishing world. To add charm, we opted for non-digital.” Alce Patricia, lecturer in Advertising and Design , adds “School editorial boards usually present good ideas but they may not work once they go professional.” A good example says Alce, is when students design page layouts that are unacceptable back-firing on their years of experience, such as confusing page spreads, overusing colours or even abusing the use of fonts.” And because school publications don’t come cheap, the lecturers also taught them how to economize their budget by being smarter with their editorial decisions, including role rotation. “Students don’t realize the crucial need to rotate their edit team members as often as possible to allow room for personal and team growth and renewed creative flow. Such silent decisions have significant impact on the outcome of one’s publication,” explains Mohd Hishamudin. Needless to say it was an eye opening experience for the Form Four and Five participants.
Feedback was beyond encouraging with shout-outs for more workshops. Some suggested digital editing skills for added challenges while many enjoyed the hands-on “scrapbook” style. Few even suggested Edit extends the 5-hour session! One thing’s for sure, IACT College will most definitely be organizing Editorial Boot Camp 2016. So stay tuned folks!
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